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Ordnance Juggernaut
Production information


Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier

Product line:

Imperial Land Tank


Ordnance Storage

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Scorch Shield
Disruptor Field


Reinforced Cabal Plating


Planet Crackers
Slug Autocannons
Missile Swarm Pods
Projection Launchers


Behemoth Soldiers


Year introduced:

Stone Breaker Siege


Command Structure
Siege Warfare




Ordnance Juggernaut is the Imperial Land Tank of the Behemoths and the personal vessel of Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier.


The Ordnance Juggernaut, as its name implies, has a massive amount of ammunition available for its numerous weapon systems:

  • Planet Crackers: On the top deck, a pair of Planet Cracker turrets will appear from both the front and back. These turrets will fire extremely large artillery shells with a massive blast radius, allowing them to kill Guardians at any range in one shot.
  • Slug Autocannons: Surrounding the sides of the tank's top deck are Slug Autocannons. These large rotary machine guns fire at 3000 RPM and fire high-caliber microrockets. The high caliber allows them to each kill Guardians in ten shots, and in the blink of an eye.
  • Missile Swarm Pods: On the bottom deck, a pair of Missile Swarm Pods will appear from both the front and back. These fire swarms of seeking missiles with a high blast radius, fast velocity, and incendiary properties, inflicting a burning effect on their targets upon detonation.
  • Projection Launchers: Surrounding the sides of the tank's bottom are Projection Launchers. These oversized, belt-fed Projection Rifles spew out grenades that detonate on impact, pounding Guardians from afar and disorienting their field of vision.

Additonal Systems[edit]

These extra systems give the Ordnance Juggernaut additional advantages:

  • Scorch Shield: Every so often, the tank will shield itself in Solar flames that will ignite all Guardians in its radius.
  • Disruptor Field: The tank will often pulsate with Void energy, periodically suppressing Guardian abilities.
  • Overcharger: Sometimes, the tank will unleash an Arc web on the ground which will shock, blind, and paralyze anything in its radius.



The Ordnance Juggernaut is first encountered in the "Ordnance" story mission, which sends The Guardian on an investigation to see who is behind the Behemoths' weapons manufacturing as well as the reconstruction of The Almighty. When the Guardian reaches the final point of the mission, they will stop outside a large, suspicious-looking Imperial Land Tank, where they will be forced to face a Champion Colossus, which is a powerful Ultra Colossus. After the Colossus is killed it will drop a "Cabal Ordnance Code". After that is picked up, the "Mission Complete" screen will show up for a brief moment, but then disappear after they hear a warcry. The Land Tank finally reveals itself to be the Ordnance Juggernaut as it turns on its engines and headlights, with Gall'usk on the top deck. The Guardian is then forced to run in the opposite direction, lest they be crushed to death or be killed by its continuous heavy weapons fire. Although Gall'usk was successful in driving the Guardian away from Cabal territory, he did not stop them from acquiring the code that grants access to the reconstructed Almighty.


The Ordnance Juggernaut appears again in the "Desecration" Raid, as the second-to-last encounter. It will start to approach the Guardians when one of them runs too close to it. When the encounter starts, the Ordnance Juggernaut will advance, open fire with all its weapons and deploy its Scorch Shield, which will not only make its hull invulnerable to all damage, but it will also rapidly burn any Guardian in its radius to a crisp. It will also pulsate with Void energy, which will periodically suppress Guardian abilities. Sometimes, its treads will become overcharged with Arc energy and deploy an electric web that will shock, blind, and paralyze any Guardian in its field. This web lingers for 15 seconds at a time. The treads become immune as long as this web is active. Otherwise, take the opportunity to shoot down the treads to slow the tank down. When the treads sustain enough damage, a special Pulsar Psion will teleport in front of the Guardians. If these Psions are not killed in time, then they will teleport away and the Ordnance Juggernaut reactivate all its systems, thus restarting the process. Every time the tanked is slowed, a Pulsar of a different element will show up, and all have a chance to inflict the debuff that their respective system does. The first one will be the "Scorch Pulsar", which controls the Scorch Shield; killing it will greatly decrease the frequency that the shield can be deployed. The second one will be the "Disruptor Pulsar", which controls the Disruptor Field; killing it will greatly decrease the frequency that the field can be deployed. The third one will be the "Overcharge Pulsar", which controls the Overcharger; killing it will greatly decrease the frequency that the web can be deployed. Once all these Pulsars are killed, the tank will be permanently slowed and its weapons and systems will be weakened, allowing Guardians enough time to board the tank. Once they reach the top deck, they will face Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier.