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Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier
Biographical information








Hardened Gunnery Sergeant



Combat information




Projection Swarmers
Vex Spire Grenade
Cabal Mortar Blast
Scramble Missiles


Blindness Effect
Displacement Debuff
Cabal Quake Attack
Burning Effect
Sundered Debuff
Psionic Shielding
Supercharged Slammer
Shocking Effect
Paralysis Debuff
Afterburn Blast
Disruption Slammer
Suppression Debuff
Summon Scorpius
Limited Flight
Midair Levitation
Strafe Thursters
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Cabal


"Khraghul, my brother. Look at the destruction we have caused. Is it not beautiful? Out of all the military campaigns we've run, none has been more successful than this. We have effectively left entire worlds in ashes. Just think of all the success we could reap if we could finally bring our greatest obstacle down on its knees for good. Only then will we have achieved our biggest goal, and then we could continue ravaging the system."
— Gall'usk conferencing with his brother Khraghul

Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier is the weaponsmith and siege engineer of the Behemoths as well as the brother of Dominus Khraghul.


"You have torn enough of the Behemoths, Guardian. I will crack your planet's surface open and watch your city fall into the core! And with it...your Traveler."
— Gall'usk threatening The Guardian during their final encounter

Gall'usk is first seen in the Story mission "Ordnance", where he is seen on the roof of the Ordnance Juggernaut, but doesn't directly attack the player. He returns in the "Desecration" Raid, and is fought when the player reaches the top of the Ordnance Juggernaut. Gall'usk's encounter is packed with fast-paced, military-style combat, and his numerous weapons and abilities make it an intense firefight.

Primary Weapons[edit]

Gall'usk is armed to the teeth, using several destructive weaponry all at one time. His main weapons of choice are his twin Projection Swarmers, which each fire a 5-round burst of miniature seeking Arc warheads that blind their targets upon detonation. He can occasionally throw a Vex Spire Grenade, which detonates in Void energy before inflicting its target with the "Displacement" debuff, which will teleport them to another random location. On his back is a dual-purpose artillery cannon: on the ground, he uses it to fire large Solar mortar shells, which can immediately destroy a Guardian's shield and leave their health at very low levels; in the air, he uses it to fire a barrage of cluster missiles that scramble around the arena and cause several chaining explosions around the arena. When faced at close range, he will smash the ground and leave a large pool of fire in his wake, inflicting his victims with a burning effect while also sundering their resilience.

Psionic Enhancements[edit]

Occasionally, Gall'usk will gain elemental shielding from special Psion Pulsar units that were seen during the first half of the encounter. When psionically enhanced, Gall'usk will only be able to wield his Projection Swarmers, but will also gain the elemental shield respective to the Pulsar as well as new attacks. "Overcharge Pulsars" grant him an Arc shield and the ability to slam the ground with electric energy, covering the floor with high voltage electricity that will paralyze their targets and shock them to death; "Scorch Pulsars" grant him a Solar Shield and the ability to summon a Solar blast that can instantly kill any Guardian at any range due its large blast radius; "Disruptor Pulsars" grant him a Void shield and the ability to slam the ground with Void energy, covering the floor with a blanket that periodically suppresses Guardian abilities. Gall'usk's elemental shield can be destroyed while being powered by the Pulsar, but it will regenerate incredibly quickly, so it is recommended to kill the Pulsar first, as the shield will not regenerate when it is not supplied by the Pulsar. Additionally, whenever a Pulsar is killed, Gall'usk will have their respective shield and ability enhancements permanently in his moveset, and will use them randomly throughout battle. Otherwise, Gall'usk is permanently vulnerable to damage.