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Primus Ral'un, Enforcer
Biographical information








Hardened Lancer



Combat information




Cabal Buzzsaw Lance
Cabal Frag Detonator
Vex Bronze Shield


Volcanic Blockade
Burning Effect
Arc Shield Bash
Blindness Effect
Feedback Sphere
Void Shield Dome
Slowness Effect
Giga Axion Dart
Poison Gas Vents
Cabal Flame Jets
EMP Shockwaves
Bombard Turrets
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Cabal


"Khraghul, my dearest friend. Our experiments have been going well, thanks to you. I must say, your idea to extract untold power from sabotaged enemy technology is ingenious! Now, there is but one task left for us: we must initiate Operation Desecration!"
— Ral'un initiating the "Operation Desecration" campaign

Primus Ral'un, Enforcer is the frontline warden of the Behemoths as well as one of Dominus Khraghul's closest friends and entrusted lieutenants.


"End of the line, Guardian! We have already ruined several worlds in our wake! And I'm afraid your world is next..."
— Ral'un addressing The Guardian personally

Ral'un is the first boss of the "Desecration" Raid. His encounter is the simplest, but is easily the most hectic.

Primary Weapons[edit]

Ral'un is armed with his own model of the Cabal Buzzsaw Lance. Like the regular version, it pulls back before unleashing a flurry of melee attacks followed by a heavy downward slash that creates a wall of fire that will quickly ignite any Guardian in its wake. However, his personal variant is also equipped with a Cabal Frag Detonator attachment, allowing him to fire a barrage of fragmentation grenades. He is also equipped with a Vex Bronze Shield, which has two built-in functions. One of them is a shield bash that blinds anything within range and leaves behind feedback spheres upon impact. Stepping near these spheres will inflict a deadly shocking effect that does heavy damage over time. The other one is a shield dome that is completely immune to all damage. Any shots that hit it will slow down whoever is shooting it, and occasionally, the dome will transfer some Void energy to the lance shortly before firing a large Axion Dart that tracks slower than normal, but takes and deals substantially more damage, and has a wide blast radius.

Environmental Hazards[edit]

Throughout the fight, Ral'un will put up his shield dome, call for reinforcements, fire his Giga Axion Darts, and activate some environmental hazards around the stage. Among them are poison gas vents, flame jets, Arc webs, and bombarding laser turrets. Poison gas will rise from the bottom floor to inflict a poison effect on the entire arena; Cabal flame jets will periodically switch on and off at both levels and will burn anyone stuck on them; Arc webs will deploy from EMP chargers on the walls and pulse with electric energy, shocking and paralyzing anyone within its radius; laser turrets will lock on to their targets with a laser pointer and fire a supercharged energy beam once it locks on, killing its target in one shot. Guardians then must kill "Empowered Pulsars" to gain resistance to the hazards. For every Pulsar killed, one Guardian at random will gain 3 stacks of the "Resistance" buff. These stacks will decrease over time, and in order to be immune, 30 stacks must be reached. Pulsars will keep spawning until everyone has achieved 30 stacks, at which point they may safely approach Ral'un and blast his dome with energy from the buff, thus opening him up for a damage phase. This process repeats until he is killed.