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Cerberus Tank
Production information



Product line:

Goliath Tank



Technical specifications


Reinforced Cabal Plating


Nuclear Blast Cannon
Ultra Slug Throwers
Cabal Magma Throwers
Cabal Cluster Missiles
Splicer Seeker Turrets
Darkness Missile Launchers
Heavy Torch Mortars
Blighted Repeaters


Gunnery Sergeant


Year introduced:

Stone Breaker Siege


Zone Control
Siege Operations


Cerberus Tanks are a larger and more powerful variant of the Goliath Tank deployed by the Behemoths. Armed with a multitude of devastating weaponry, some of which was made from salvaged enemy technology, they have been used extensively in siege operations and zone control alike.


Cerberus Tanks have up to eight total weapon systems, each of which are used to destructive effect:

  • Nuclear Blast Cannon: The Cerberus Tank's primary weapon. It fires atomically fused Planet Cracker ammunition, which has a dramatically increased blast radius, allowing it to have a larger one-hit-kill range. Upon detonation it leaves a toxic radiation cloud in its wake. Any Guardians that step in this cloud will be inflicted with "Radiation Poisoning", which will quickly drain their health until death. Those with the poisoning will leave behind a trail that will spread the effect to other Guardians. Those who die to the effect will have their corpse radiated, meaning that others who run over it will also receive the poison.
  • Ultra Slug Throwers: A set of close-range defense mounted machine guns. Their rate of fire alone will drop Guardians in the blink of an eye.
  • Cabal Magma Throwers: A pair of forward facing flamethrowers. They dispense flames in a 50 foot long forward cone that will rapidly burn away at Guardian shields.
  • Cabal Cluster Missiles: An Arc missile pod akin to those seen on the Hardened Thunderbolt Colossus. It fires a swarm of Arc missiles track their targets and inflict them with blindness and slowness effects upon detonation.
  • Splicer Seeker Turrets: A set of salvaged SIVA Turrets. They fire homing balls of SIVA nanites that inflict a "SIVA Swarm" effect upon impact.
  • Darkness Missile Launchers: A pair of large upward facing missile launchers that fire large Void warheads which leave behind a giant energy dome upon detonation, which will slow, poison, and suppress any Guardians inside.
  • Heavy Torch Mortars: A set of large frontal Torch Hammers that fire gigantic bolts of explosive Void energy akin to a Cyclops. These bolts have an extremely wide blast radius.
  • Blighted Repeaters: A set of hidden Taken-enhanced repeater guns. At range, they Void sniper bolts at a fast rate. When at close range, it will unleash a beam that will latch on to nearby Guardians, slow them down, deal damage over time, and eventually drag them closer to the tank itself, which will eventually crush any Guardians that have not attempted to escape. Shooting the beams will cancel this attack.