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The Spartans


The Leviathan
Meridian Bay, Mars
EDZ, Earth


Elite Royal Guards


Assassination Squadron


Primus Val'ouk

Notable information:

Composed of Gladiators
Kills Guardian strike streams
Can face Fallen Barons
Capable of beating a Kell



The Spartans are a small Cabal division that works for Emperor Calus and are a sub-unit of his Shadows. They will kill anyone he wishes, even if they are part of the Spartans if Calus thinks they are a spy or a traitor. They are somehow able to survive without Cabal oil, and can utilize special technology and weaponry to help them further in battle.


"We shouldn't have trusted this "Emperor". We have lost some good people to these masters of espionage. Find their Primus and show him why double crossing Guardians is never a good idea."
— Cayde-6

The Spartans have a unique ability to look like the target they've killed as long as they are around the same size as the Spartan. They use this ability to camouflage into crowds of other Cabal and either when they're discovered or have to fight, they drop the camouflage and charge down their victims. This is very dangerous as both Guardians and Fallen have underestimated many groups of camouflaged Spartans and suffered the consequences. By using this ability, they have worked their way into the Cabal hierarchy and at any point, they can drop the stop the camo to kill a target. Many Cabal bases have been reduced to ashes through this technology. How Calus managed to either make or get his hand on it is still unknown.








Elite Royal Guard


Patrol EDZ
Patrol Mars

Combat information


Cabal Frost Severus
Cabal Repeater


Freeze Debuff
Energy Shielding
Berserker Rage
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Forward Charge


The Spartans augment themselves with elemental shielding technology to become more durable than normal Gladiators. When low on health, they will activate one shield type at random. When this shield is destroyed, their enter a berserker rage, increasing their movement and attack speed while regenerating their health. Their main weapon of choice is a Cabal Severus that uses freezing technology, thereby injecting a cryogenic liquid that inflicts a freezing effect which can stack up to 3 times with each successive hit, where movement speed exponentially decreases and the blue haze on the Guardian's vision intensifies; Guardians are completely frozen in place once the effect reaches its maximum stacks This effect lasts for up to 4 seconds at a time. To make matters worse, they attack in groups to increase the relative effectiveness of their blades, and can also reset the freeze duration. Alternatively, the Spartans are also armed with wrist-mounted rotary cannons that fire incendiary bullets, but will usually prefer to use their rocket thrusters to close the gap before rushing forward like a Thrall and using their blades to hack Guardians to pieces.