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Mars and Earth?[edit]

I believe in a universe where humanoid space turtles are able to use giant weapons and harness technology to make them powerful beyond belief. What I don't believe is that Calus was somehow able to send this special task force to Mars and Earth. I believe that more realistically, they should be restrained to The Leviathan, unless they have some special permissions you're not describing. Otherwise, Calus would have to know where Mars and Earth were, and his vessel is still parked outside of Nessus, so how would he have any idea? Wouldn't he also be aware that the scout legions on Mars and the Red Legion on Earth would not welcome any of his forces? Forgive me if it seems like I'm spitballing, but how would you be able to explain these Spartans showing up on those planets? stickPrimus Draug'oth Can I help you?No, you do it. 13:56, 9 January 2018 (EST)

Calus has his Shadows all over the system, some even being Cabal and undercover Red Legion, scouting the system and assassinating his targets if they come upon them. Calus is very mysterious in what he has. What I propose is that some were able to take down a group of Red Legion and wear their armour to hide from other remaining Red Legion and once they've found a susceptible deployment, they kill them and provide their other Spartans the armor to further hide and become more powerful. Also, they don't have the normal Loyalist look, When they're not undercover, they're classic deployment look would be more akin to the look of Zahn's personal troops but with a light gold were the green would be. Overall, I appreciate this addressing of an issue. I'll add this whole "undercover" thing to this page A.S.A.P to explain this strange appearances on these two planets. Virgil the Ghost
Ok, but how would Calus know where Earth and Mars are? He would have to know their locations before sending his forces there. It's not about what they do there. I've even created a Cabal god of war. So, I can live with shapeshifting Cabal that are masters of espionage. My main question, however, still remains unanswered. It's not, "What do they do there?" It's, "How and why would Calus and his Spartans even be able to pinpoint targets apparently beyond his reach?" stickPrimus Draug'oth Can I help you?No, you do it. 16:18, 9 January 2018 (EST)

Destiny is often a lazy game with a lot of non-explained things but I'd just say, His Shadows stumbled upon the planets while patrolling the system and told Calus, he told them to explore them, they found Cabal there, and he said to hide there and break their forces. (BTW Destiny is my fav game and I'd never hate it ^-^) Virgil the Ghost