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Analyst Rolak, Free-Thinker
Biographical information








Lightning Pulsar



Combat information




Solar Lasrifle
Void Rift Grenade
SIVA Dagger


Psionic Armoring
Rapid Midair Flight
Aim Deflection Effect
Shadow Touched Debuff
Taken Blight Debuff
Solar Ignition Effect
High Voltage Effect
Psionic Shield Ray
Psionic Enrage Blast
SIVA Teleportation
SIVA Swarm Effect
Burning Rage Effect
Armor Sundered Debuff
Arc Shocking Effect
Reflex Paralysis Debuff
Weakened Arms Debuff
Light Suppression Effect
Psionic Purge Blast
Open the Mindscape
Psionic Vortex Debuff
Projection Detonation
Blinding Sight Effect
Calculated Demise Blasts
Imminent Extinction Blast
High Durability
Summon Cabal


"Dominus you have made so much progress during our time together. I'm so proud of you. But I fear this is where we part, for the Risen are coming. It is time we must do our own duties to keep this legion alive and well. Just remember what I had taught you, and you should have no problems. Should we emerge victorious, it would be a miracle to see you again."
— Analyst Rolak giving her farewell to Dominus Khraghul

Analyst Rolak, Free-Thinker is the lead researcher and scientific analyst for the Behemoths, as well as the consort of Dominus Khraghul.


"Advance no further, Guardian! You shall not destroy our progress, nor shall you destroy my science! If you ever wish to touch my beloved Khraghul, you will have to beat me at my own game first! Good luck..."
— Rolak stepping in to fend off The Guardian

Rolak is the second boss of the "Desecration" Raid. Her encounter is a demonstration of trial and error, alluding to her methods of attack.

Primary Weapons[edit]

Rolak's main weapon of choice is a Lasrifle, which automatically fires Solar Cabal slugs which cause severe aim deflection, drastically throwing Guardians' aiming point off their intended target. She occasionally can throw a Taken Rift Grenade which detonates in Void energy before releasing a Taken Blight that will inflict both the "Shadow Touched" and "Taken Blight" debuffs. For close combat, she carries a SIVA-enhanced dagger with two separate attack modes: Scorch and Shock Mode. Scorch Mode allows the dagger to release a short range blast that will deal moderate damage to Guardian shields and burn their health away; Shock Mode allows the dagger to release a blinding detonation, which will additionally slow them down before releasing a high-damage Arc energy burst that will immediately destroy a Guardian's shield.

Psionic Abilities[edit]

Rolak has a greater magnitude of psionic abilities than all other Psions. To start, she has the ability to project a personal shield to protect herself from all incoming damage, allowing her to continue attacking. She can also either grant her Cabal soldiers random elemental shielding or release a psionic blast that will send Cabal in its radius into a blind rage, making them move faster and deal more damage; this blast can also immediately bring down a Guardian's shield. Through sheer willpower, Rolak has the gift of flight, which is only enhanced by her wings which are made of SIVA nanites, granting her extra speed and maneuverability. Every so often, a portion of these nanites will detach from the wings and move to another far-away spot of the arena, which Rolak will teleport to; walking through these nanite clouds will inflict a SIVA swarm effect for a short time.

Guessing Game[edit]

As Rolak harasses the player with her weapons and psychic abilities while summoning Cabal troops, three Psion Flayers will appear, which will each denote a particular element: Scorch Flayers for Solar, Shock Flayers for Arc, and Null Flayers for Void. Each of these Psions will teleport around the arena will be able to perform a Psionic Blast respective to their element that will inflict a certain status effect: Scorch inflicts "Burning", Shock inflicts "Paralysis", and Null inflicts "Suppression". Only one will be vulnerable at a time, while the other two are not, and there will be no indication as to which one can be damaged. When the first is killed, then the player must guess which of the two remaining Flayers can be killed, after which the player can simply finish the last one off. Rolak will then erect 3 pillars, one for each element. These pillars must be shut down in the reverse order that the Psion Flayers were killed. Destroying the wrong pillar will inflict the entire team with its relative debuffs: Solar causes "Burning" and "Sundered"; Shock causes "Shocking" and "Paralysis"; Null causes "Weakness" and "Suppresion". However, it will come back if it was destroyed during the wrong order. There will be 5 seconds to destroy each pillar; taking too long to do so will result in a Psionic Purge, immediately wiping the entire team. Destroying the pillars in the right order will destroy one of the two siphons in the back of the room. This process repeats until both siphons are destroyed.

Into the Mindscape[edit]

When both siphons are destroyed, Rolak will teleport the entire team into her mindscape. Inside, there will be a giant projection of her brain, which will initially be immune to damage. The brain will summon a giant black hole that will attempt to suck in everything in its path. Guardians will have to run away from it while also keeping an eye out for Psionic Projections. Shooting them will slowly close the Vortex; these projections must be destroyed physically or else they will detonate on their own, releasing a permanent blinding detonation. The only way to get rid of the blinding effect will be to fire at the ground for long enough. The vortex will then slowly reactivate and will have to be closed again. When the vortex is fully closed, the brain will attempt to fire large energy blasts that can instantly kill any Guardian it locks on to. However, these blasts can be destroyed and will grant the "Intellect" buff to the entire team. For every blast that is shot down, the subsequent stacks received are doubled. The more stacks of the buff achieved, the more damage that can be done to the brain. After 20 seconds of shooting down blasts, the brain will fire an even larger blast that cannot be destroyed and must be reflected by destroying the Psionic Projections in front of it, which are disabling a barrier. If this blast is not reflected, it will kill the whole team. Reflecting the blast towards the brain will stun it, rendering it fully vulnerable to all damage for 30 seconds. Any damage dealt to the brain will transfer over to Rolak's physical form.