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"War may be a cruel teacher but also an effective one. War has taught me much. War has made me strong. With what war has given me, I will break those who have disgraced our command."
— Primus Tho'urgh
Primus Tho'urgh, God of War
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Stone Breakers







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God of War


Modified Heavy Slug Thrower
Modified Missile Swarms
Cabal Magma Spigot
Cabal Greatblade


Force Barricade
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Shocking Debuff
Blindness Effect
Paralysis Effect
Burning Debuff
Poison Debuff
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Bleedout Effect
Redness Effect
Marked Debuff
Toxin Overdose
Turret Detonation
Cabal Flame Jets
Charge Detonation
Weapon Immunity
Restriction Debuff
Devoured Debuff
Armor Reclaimed
High Durability
Mega Quake Attack
Summon Cabal


Primus Tho'urgh is an extremely high-ranking Cabal commander, and the leader of the Stone Breakers.


From what the Vanguard had intercepted in Cabal communications, Primus Tho'urgh is one of the Cabal Emperor's most trusted and most powerful commanders, leading the Stone Breaker legion but has heavy influence with the other legions. It is rumored that Tho'urgh has conquered more worlds than any other for his emperor using both tactical superiority and sheer brute force. Though he is rarely seen on the battlefield, his soldiers are fanatically loyal for no one has defeated him in single-combat or in any other form of engagement, rivaling Dominus Ghaul and his Red Legion.

When the distress signal reached the Emperor during the final segment of the Taken War, which forced Ghaul and his forces to travel to the Solar System, Tho'urgh was ordered to stay behind as reinforcements. However, upon learning of their Dominus' death and the Red Legion's disbelieving defeat in the Red War, Primus Tho'urgh received another but more desperate distress signal, calling for aid. Gathering the full might of his forces, Tho'urgh now personally leads the counterattack to conquer the Solar System. When Primus Tho'urgh arrived and met with what was left with the Cabal forces in the system he was disgusted with the moral and the lack of leadership. Having heard of the Guardians who lead the counterattack that retook portions of Mars, killed his fellow Primus' and that of Dominus Ghaul himself, he vows to destroy the Guardians and claim the system in the name of the Cabal.

Setting up a command center in a newly revealed section of Freehold, Primus Tho'urgh completely destroys every Vex Gate and Data Network on Mars, crippling the Vex while also launching a campaign in the European Dead Zone, dealing a devastating blow to the Fallen House of Dusk and reaching a stalemate with Calus's Loyalists Forces. Regardless of these accomplishments that boosted Cabal moral, Primus Tho'urgh is not satisfied until he faces the Guardians personally.


Primus Tho'urgh is not only of a very high-rank, he is also the most powerful Cabal soldier to date, the equivalent to being a god of war. This is proven through his numerous gameplay mechanics.

Modified Heavy Slug Thrower[edit]

Primus Tho'urgh's Heavy Slug Thrower has much more accuracy and a higher fire rate than that of Valus Ta'aurc's. It can also fire bullets of each element with different effects: Arc causes the "Shocking" debuff as well as blindness and paralysis, all of which lasts for five seconds; Solar bullets explode and cause a "Burning" debuff that can stack up to five times, lasting ten seconds; Void bullets inflict poison as well as suppress Guardian abilities and cause blackout, all of which lasts for ten seconds. Primus Tho'urgh will switch targets if he scores a hit, and the element of the bullets fired rotate in random intervals.

Modified Missile Swarms[edit]

Twelve missiles are launched into the air and then stop in midair to find targets and seek them out. Each individual missile take a few seconds to lock on to a target, but once it finally locks on, it travels toward them at an almost-hitscan velocity. Upon detonation, it will leave the victim's health at a critical state and will both disable recovery and increase damage taken, both of which last for ten seconds simultaneously.

Cabal Magma Spigot[edit]

Whenever a Guardian steps into medium range, Primus Tho'urgh will use a flamethrower built-in from his arm. It has a range of 50 feet and deals rapid ticks of damage if caught within this range. If the target successfully escapes, then they will be inflicted with the "Burning" debuff for three seconds. Primus Tho'urgh cannot be interrupted during this attack, even if someone steps into melee range.

Cabal Greatblade[edit]

Instead of stomping the ground via "Quake", Primus Tho'urgh instead has an arm-mounted blade, which is on the same arm as his flamethrower that he uses to hack his enemies to pieces. This is not an outright instant kill, but it will still deal respectable damage, and will make the target bleed if it hits directly. The player's field of view will get increasingly red as the debuff goes on, obscuring their vision. This will also mark you and temporary disable recovery after the debuff has gone away, making it easier for reinforcements to finish you off while you hide in cover.

Force Barricade[edit]

Initially, Tho'urgh will be completely shielded from damage due to his Force Barricade, and he will unleash all his ranged attacks from inside. Anyone who gets too close to this barricade will be knocked back across the room and into greater dangers, namely a wall or other obstacles. Destroying this barrier will require a special buff that is acquired through a specific sequence of mechanics. First, there will be poison gas turrets that must be destroyed. Failing to do so will fill the room with a toxin overdose, killing the entire team. Destroying the turrets in the wrong order will cause a turret detonation that will instantly wipe the whole team. Each time a turret is destroyed, a Solar energy charge will drop. When these charges are picked up, Cabal reinforcements will appear, including an Overcharge Centurion, who be completely shielded from damage. The only way he can be damaged is by inserting the energy charges into their respective panels. Inserting a charge into the wrong panel will activate a flame jet, which will cause serious damage to anyone that steps on it, and taking too long to do anything will result in a charge detonation, which will once again instantly kill the entire team. When all the charges are inserted in their respective panels, the Overcharge Centurion is able to be killed, and he will drop a grenade relic upon death. This grenade is the only way to bring down Tho'urgh's barricade. The thrower gets the "Armor Breaker" buff instantly upon hitting the barricade. The buff will last 40 seconds.

Draining Devices[edit]

After Tho'urgh's barricade is broken down, he will start roaming around the arena and employ his flamethrower and greatblade alongside his other weapons. He will still be immune to damage, and will summon specialized draining devices around the arena. At this point, he will inflict a special debuff called "Restriction", where the player's equipped weapons are shut off, meaning that they cannot be fired. This will compound with the Devoured debuff that the draining devices will employ, where movement is slowed, radar is disabled, and health starts depleting. These devices can only be destroyed by the "Armor Breaker" buff, and the one with the buff will not be affected by the debuff. However, if everyone else dies to the draining machines, then the buff will be removed via the Armor Reclaimed special attack, which is an instant kill. Destroying the machines will leave behind energy pillars that other Guardians can run to so they can acquire the same buff. By the time everyone gets the buff, every Guardian will group up on a special rift plate that will need to be charged up by the buff to unleash a powerful laser beam. This is the only way to deal damage to Primus Tho'urgh, and will take no damage from weapons.

Mega Quake[edit]

When his health reaches 5%, Tho'urgh will activate his Force Barricade and stomp the ground with immense force, creating a giant avalanche of debris that will chase the Guardians out of the room and into a safety chamber. After the quake, Tho'urgh will break into the chamber, and all of his weapons will be active. He will continue his attack until killed on the spot.