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"I will not fail our Emperor. I will not let these beings of a forsaken system ruin my plans. Not on my watch."
— Primus Ko'rok
Primus Ko'rok, Overwatch
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Stone Breakers







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God of War


Heavy Slug Thrower
Napalm Missile Swarms
Cabal Shield


Shield Lunge Melee
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Dropbomb Melee
High Durability
Berserk Mode
Burning Effect
Summon Cabal


Primus Ko'rok is one of Primus Tho'urgh's most entrusted lieutenants as well as the overseer of the Cabal Battle Network. He is the first boss battle in the God of War Raid.


Primus Ko'rok served under Primus Tho'urgh even before his rank as Primus of the Stone Breaker Legion. Ko'rok once served as a Bracus, following his orders on the battlefield with ruthless efficiency and methodical precision. Some of the most brilliant battle plans the Cabal devised Ko'rok was a part of, if not its mastermind. This caught the notice of his superior, Valus Tho'urgh, and together they led some of the most successful offensives in the Stone Breaker Legion. However, unlike the most of his brethren Ko'rok did not participate in the attempted usurpation of the Emperor but sided with Tho'urgh in defeating the current Primus and forcing the Legion to stand down. Ko'rok was credited with killing numerous Valuses who stood against Tho'urgh. With the legion now under the command of Primus Tho'urgh, the Emperor also named Ko'rok a Primus for his tactical mind and precision; however his rank was still second to Tho'urgh.

Since then, Primus Ko'rok devised numerous battle plans to the Cabal's expansion across the galaxy, and executed them to perfection. Among the Vanguard it is rumored that Ko'rok devised the plans that led to the Cabal occupation of Mars. Things soon changed when the Emperor received a distress signal coming from a distant system, telling them of the failed operations against forces called the Guardians and the numerous deaths of leaders at their hands. Furious that his plans were being proved ineffective against the Guardians, he gladly followed Primus Tho'urgh to the Solar System to reinforce the Cabal stationed. In private, Primus Ko'rok plans on creating a master plan to ensure his forces do not fail against the Guardians as he feels insulted that his plans have led the Cabal to a desperate state to call him to the field.


Primus Ko'rok's encounter is a bit dynamic in that he will switch engagement distances quite frequently. He also has a few unique abilities.

Napalm Missile Swarms[edit]

His missile swarms fire up to eleven missiles one after another, each travelling in an arc and leaving a pool of fire upon detonation. Guardians take heavy damage when in these pools.

Block Attacks[edit]

Primus Ko'rok is also equipped with a Cabal Shield to block Guardian attacks. He does this every time there is a wave of adds or when he suddenly stops charging down Guardians before he charges again. He will also use his shield to knock Guardians back a significant distance at close range.


When Primus Ko'rok is charging down Guardians, he will occasionally use his jump jets to launch himself high into the air and slam his Heavy Slug Thrower on the ground when he lands. This generates a massive shockwave this is invariably a one-hit-kill.


When at 50% health, Ko'rok's attacks will become faster and cover more ground. Every time he hits, he can inflict a burning effect on his target.