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House of Dragons


Dreviks, Dragon Kell
Karviks, Dragon Archon
Vrosis, Dragon Machinist
Pelsis, Archon Priest


Feldriks Prime


Dragons' Lair
Old Accra
Old Chicago


Season of Fire


"For years, our people have suffered at the hands of the Machine-thieves, who slaughter us in droves, burn our banners and slay our leaders, and the Great Machine does nothing to save us. No longer. If we are to rise from the brink of extinction, we must burn down all those who stand against us and reclaim the Machine by force! If anyone desires to stand with us, align yourselves with the Dragons, and together we will rise again through FIRE!"
Dreviks, Dragon Kell

The House of Dragons are a powerful and aggressive House of Fallen, and are the main antagonists of the Season of Fire. They are identified by their dark red armor and red-orange cloaks. Infuriated by the Traveler's repeated inaction to help their people, the Dragons have resolved to overrun the Last City and capture it by force as the Red Legion once did, so the Fallen can use its power to reclaim their former glory. They also desire to destroy the Guardians, along with any other faction that greatly crippled the Fallen.

They have also recently seized control of another, smaller, newer House: the House of Ash, occasionally operating through them from the shadows and utilizing them as a task force, as well as extra battle support.



"Dreviks? Oh yeah, I remember him, he was once a legend within the House of Wolves, was very noble and powerful among their ranks, he could have gotten the seat for Kellship, if it wasn't for Skolas...guess living with the Cabal on Mars was enough for him to leave the Wolves...but now instead of joining the House of Dusk, he makes his own House, good for him. But bad for You and your City."

After the defeat of Orbiks Prime during the House of Wolves's failed campaign to claim Mars, Dreviks, who was then a Baron, defected from his House in order to carve out a path of his own. He and his crew relocated to the ruins of London, establishing territory there and building the foundation for what would become a new Fallen House, one unburdened by the repeated failures of the old. Dreviks' crew remained in hiding while scouting for and salvaging anything they found that could prove of use to them. Dreviks sought to build their numbers, and after the end of the SIVA Crisis, began broadcasting a transmission on almost all Eliksni channels to rally the crippled Fallen under him. As a result the numbers of his crew would multiply as deserters of the House of Devils and Kings joined his ranks.

Dreviks then declared that his band would be a new House, known as the House of Dragons, with the goal to forcefully retake the Great Machine.

The Heat Before the Fire[edit]

"Strange....these Fallen have no real leaders or Primes at all, only Barons and rising Archons, so how are they so organized....and where are they getting all of their Ether?"

In the following years, the Dragons would continue to remain in hiding while they built their numbers and power. They observed as Ghaul successfully took the Traveler and Last City, which only added to their determination to do the same. They salvaged for whatever useful weapons and technology they could to aid them in their goals.

Eventually, a splinter group of the House of Dusk came under the control of the Dragons, and would soon be known as the House of Ash. Through the House of Ash's activities, the Dragons were able to continue their efforts of salvaging while they plotted and built their armies. In exchange the House of Dragons would supply Ash with the necessary weapons and Ether to continue operating efficiently. They had also performed operations to steal weapons and technology from the Cabal and Vex.

The House of Ash was later sent to loot the ruins of the Exodus Black colony ship for rumored caches of SIVA, as well as to steal Golden Age technology from the facilities on Titan and the Hellas Basin on Mars. By the time Guardians were sent to investigate the House of Ash's activity, they had already acquired what they came for, and through them the House of Dragons was now armed with new levels of power.

It is also rumored that the House of Ash attempted to scavenge for Black Armory weaponry, although it is unknown if they succeeded, or if such an event even happened.

While the Dragons' existence would still remain largely unknown at this time, further investigation into the House of Ash by the Iriksi Syndicate and The Guardian would lead them to discover that the Ash does not have a strong leadership of their own and that they are being manipulated or controlled by another entity.


Against the City[edit]


The structure of the House of Dragons remain true to traditional Fallen organization, with a single Kell. However, they have multiple Prime Servitors in case one were to be destroyed, and each Prime is tended to by an Archon. The Dragons also use House Enforcers to ensure that troops remain loyal to the house through force, especially when the Kell's power begins to weaken. House Enforcers rank higher than Barons but lower than Archons. Wretches are considered by the Dragons to be of even lower rank than Dregs and are treated as such, as Dregs also serve as scouts and manual laborers within their house, and are given the liberty of riding Pikes, while Wretches are only meant to be sent into battle and die as worthless canon fodder.

The Dragons also have another additional rank, such as Machinists, who oversee all of their technology as well as their production and usage of SIVA, and are equal in rank to Archons. Similarly to the Wolves, the Dragons also have certain elite groups or posts with special functions, who are also given a certain amount of autonomy, such as the Serpent's Fang, a special group of highly-trained assassins that answer directly to Dreviks himself, usually meant to take out high priority targets. Another good example of elite groups in service of the house would be the Searing Claws, who serve as bodyguards of some of the Dragons' more high-ranking and important members.

In addition, they also employ specialized squads or forces that are given specific tasks, although this is not the same as the elite groups within the House mentioned above. Such tasks would include raiding enemy fortifications, scavenging crews to explore ruins and plunder whatever they can, Pike-riding gangs to harass enemy forces, teams led to jam enemy signals or intercept enemy transports, and so on.

Servitors in the House are not worshipped as gods unlike in other houses, but are still regarded as important to the Fallen's survival and strength and thus are still revered among them. The same holds true for SIVA, which is not seen by the Dragons as a means of apotheosis, but simply to make them more powerful. A large part of the House of Dragons is also focused on Ether production in general, partly to sustain the Dragons themselves, but mostly to keep the subordinate House of Ash in line. They also have several Barons and Rising Archons dedicated to controlling the House of Ash, either directly or through some sort of proxy.

The House of Dragons also focus on experimenting with their technologies to develop new forms of weapons, vehicles, devices and automata never before seen in any other House.

House of Dragons Elites typically wear dark red armor with black markings and cloaks, while Majors and Ultras will wear gold armor with red accents, and red cloaks with golden markings.



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