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Zevorro, The Scavenger
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The Tangled Shore



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House of Dusk (formally) House of Eclipse






"Hey boss! look what I found in the prison of the elders, the shattered pieces of a guardians ghost"

Zevorro was a formal member of the House of Dusk until the house was abandoned after that she became a scavenger located on mars, she was short on silver so she had to sell a lot of stuff she finds around her surroundings and she also had to build her own home, Zevorro started to get less people buying her collections so she started to sell thing that are illegal in the Cabal Law for an example weapons, it didn't take long for a Law enforcement team of the Cabal Empire to find this black market and arrest her but Zevorro had no problem resorting into violence and fought the Cabal and took down the Law enforcement team and switched the spot of her market, one day 2 strange Eliksni with cloaks came up to her black market, they had some type of symbol on the back of their cloak that looked like a orange Waxing Crescent moon in a black sun and they both had a orange scarf and they only ordered a rock, a few hours after that more Cabal Law enforcement came and had Zevorro cornered and after what she done to the last team they're not keeping her alive, it turns out the 2 Eliksni reported her to the authorities but just when one of the Enforcers were about to shoot in a blink of an eye he was frozen in some kind of corrupted ice and as they were distracted Zevorro attacked and took down 3 of the Enforcers but there was still most of them left and as soon as one of the Enforcers were going to slice Zevorro in half the 2 cloaked strangers came out and started helping her fight the Enforcers, and when more came one of the strangers took off their hood and stared at Zevorro and then blasted her with some type of energy and then suddenly Zevorro had some corrupted version of the solar power, they other both of the cloaked strangers took off their cloaks revealing themselves to be Tyrakus and Creytoks, together killed the team of enforcers and that is how Zevorro became the second Archon of the House of Eclipse.