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Tyrakus, Kell of Eclipse
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Kell of Eclipse




"Glory to the Traveler."
— Tyrakus the Traitor of Oryx

Tyrakus used to be a captain in the House of Wolves, later on in his missions he was taken by Oryx,he served for the taken for years until after the events of but on one day after the events of Shadowkeep he found some type of puddle of darkness and he couldn't resist the urge to go into it and once he went in Tyrakus had obtained some dark corrupted version of the power of void along with the ability to resurrect himself, and with the power Tyrakus had he was able to use his power of the darkness to free himself and rebelled against Oryx and since he is now half taken he isn't able to be turned back into full taken, he decided to return back to the House of Wolves but he was devastated when he heard that the Scorn basically killed the entire House of Wolves. After seeing Guardians in action on the planet Nessus, he admired the power of light and became obsessed with the light and wanted to learn the power but after some time he gave up on his search but still had the desire to take the power of light, In his journeys alone on the planet Nessus he decided to avenge the House of Wolves by making his own house and that is where the House of Eclipse was born, later while scavenging in Mercury, a Lightbearer spotted him and tried to kill Tyrakus, Luckily Tyrakus was able to defend himself from the powerful light and killed the Lightbearer and claimed their light making Tyrakus stronger than before, Tyrakus would than flee back to his homeworld where he would plan to gather members for the house of eclipse