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The Nightcravers


The Grey Hole


Omega Darkness Force


Nightmares Awaken


Dormonax, The True Nightmare


"A new enemy appears, and these guys are beyond worthy to face us. they already destroyed cities and even already conquered many planets, if only they haven't opened that hole in space"
Chase Niles, The Magician to Kirumi

Nightcravers is an undead like army made up of the creatures known as Nightmares, the Nightcravers are enemies with just about everyone and everything inside of the Sol system, they first started targeting the Shadowkeepers when they were accidentally opened The Grey Hole and then started targeting any creature they can find. They are a massive force and shall not be underestimated, if you find yourself battling these dangerous foes then you might wanna either make alliances or meet up to there power level.




Ancient Times[edit]

Life in a space hole[edit]

"It has been 15 centuries since are kind was trapped here in this… Dark abyss, at least I think it has been, time is mind breaking here, sometimes days would feel like months or years but other times they would feel like only milliseconds, Our leader Dormonax was cursed by those rats!, but once we get out of here, WE will have the last laugh and we will grow throughout the galaxy, everyone will face the wrath of the Nightcravers. who knew your domain would be your prison"

Nightmares Awaken[edit]