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The Carriage


Flying around Jupiter




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The Carriage is the main lair for the Fallen house known as the House of Eclipse, some may consider The Carriage is one single ship or space station be its also considered a fleet, in the fleet it contains other little space stations inside of it for the other people who don't live in The Carriage but lives in the same fleet, these space stations are only for Eliksni Families who are affiliated with the House of Eclipse. now we move on to the 4 giant ships/stations called the four horses, the four horses metaphorically carries The Carriage, 2 in the front and 2 in the back, and just for cosmetic Tyrakus had connected the four horses to The Carriage, the Four Horses are only for Military Personal that are affiliated with the House of Eclipse. Now were finally moving onto The Carriage, The Carriage is the main ship of this fleet and the most important, The Carriage only holds the House of Eclipse hierarchy and occasionally important Allies such as Mithrax or the a Guardian.

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