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"Uh oh, you really made an ERROR in your defense tactics HAHAHA"
Exo 404
Biographical information

Other name(s):

The Error
The Virus


The Last City

Political and military information


The Overtakers (Inferred associate)


Warlock (Formerly)
Virus (Currently)


— Exo 404

Exo 404 is an Exo who was able to betrayed the guardians and obtained the power of the darkness, he is being hunted down by a lot of factions yet he already has a kill count.

He seems to go in hiding for awhile but then he comes back out in the second collapse to give the Shadowkeepers a new problem to deal with.

At some point in time after the Collapse, he would be recruited by the Overtakers as a weaponized virus that would help their commanders launch an assault against Mallory's doppelgangers.


The Second Collapse[edit]