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Dark Guards


Protect all Shadow Royalty and Advisors




"Shoulder to Shoulder! All of you have been selected for these tryouts to attempt to join the Dark Guards, this is a serious job and you will not fool at all, IS THAT CLEAR!?"
Commander Gaoros to Dark Guard recruits

After some recent assassination attempts on The Shadow Royalty and the Advisors, Chase Niles ordered for a Royal Guard division and chose Gaoros a Commander of the Shadow Legion to command it due to his history of trying to protect higher ups, Gaoros picked the best of the best of the Cabal to join the Dark Guards, the Dark Guards was mostly filled with Phalanx, Gladiators, Legionary's, and Centurion's. The Dark Guards is a serious job to handle.

Dark Guards info book[edit]

The royalty or Advisor you would be guarding will be known as your VIP. You will guard the VIP all times. When there is an incident they will report to either a Commander of the division or the VIP themselves. You will not let anyone under the rank of champion approach the VIP unless they have their permission, and if they do ask the VIP to be sure. Accidental attacks on the VIP will lead to either a suspension or exile from the division. Purposeful attacks on the VIP will lead to either exile from the entire Shadowkeepers or execution. Any fooling around on duty will lead to suspension. Any disrespect to the VIP will lead to suspension.


The Second Collapse[edit]

Assassinating the Assassin[edit]