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The 5 Waves of Wonder's contain the Waves of, the Wave of Mysteries, The Wave of Fortune, The Wave of Madness, The Wave of Destruction, And The Wave of Gods (also known as Poseidon's Wrath).

Test OCEAN[edit]

What will happen if you infect a ocean full of creatures with the darkness?

The Kraken[edit]

The Kraken is a female squid Hive like creature that was a ressult in the experiment done in The 5 Waves of Wonder's, she now patrols the Wave of Gods looking for new prey and on her adventures she slowly gotten more mutated by the effects and later on would turn into the Omega Kraken

Kraken Cephalopods[edit]

In the Kraken's journeys she created a home and started to lay large amounts of mutated eggs with little Kraken Cephalopods inside of them and on day 15 they started to hatch which is a little bad because now the Wave of Gods is infested with these creatures

The Corrupted heart of Poseidon[edit]

A legend of Dark crystallized heart that will give you ultimate power of the darkness is some what true but the only problem is that the Kraken ate it turning the Kraken into the Omega Kraken and started to spread the effects the the artifact to the other apex predators. However, Mallory was the only one who somehow acquired the artifact after fighting the Kraken, who had taken the forms of Uma, Ben, and Evie, and gave it to Kirito.

Food web class[edit]

Apex Predator of the Wave of Gods.

The Megalodon[edit]

The Megalodon is a male shark like creature from the Cabal's ocean system, unfortunately both him and his pups were a result of the experiment

The Omegalodon[edit]

As mentioned earlier the Omega Kraken will start to spread the effects of the artifact to the other apex predators, and The Megalodon was the second one to be infected by the Corrupted Heart

Food web class[edit]

Apex Predator of the Wave of Destruction.