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Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Vibebreaker of Shadows
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Tatsuyi Kirigaya
Blackie (Kirito and Asuna)
The Vibebreaker
The Corrupted Child (Robert E.O. Speedwagon)
The Vibe Checker (Joskaa)
Tat, Son of that Jackass (AJ)
One Who Can Control His Own Fate (Tyranaks, the Overlord)
Vermin Spawn (Viznoor, the Black)
Heir of Shadows (Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito)
Shadow Prince (Ghosts of Nagasaki)
Tatsuyi, Prince of Shadows (Nightmare Unyielding)




October 7th, 2028




Shadow Collective (Leader)


Shadow Child






172 cm


59 kg

Combat information


Vindication (Cutscene)
High Orbit


Tatsuyi's Hellburst Rifle
Ascendant Scorch Pistol
Tatsuyi's Bloodpulse Cannon
Tatsuyi's Weapon of Sorrow
Fusion Cannon
Blighted Null Rifle
Ascendant Shrapnel Launcher
Bloodfreeze Rifle


Devourer's Blood
Venom of Sorrow
Fusion Vortex
Favor of the Darkness
High Levitation
Eternal Immunity
Burning Effect
Arc Hellblaze Claws
Solar Ember Tsunami
Stasis Soul Corruption
Void Trauma Mist
Fusion Thunderstorm
Fusion Quake
Grasp of the Vibebreaker
Enveloping Darkness
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Pyramids
Summon Nightmares
Summon Fallen
Summon Hive
Summon Vex
Summon Cabal
Summon Taken
Summon Scorn
Summon Ghosts of Nagasaki
Summon Blights


"If we are to strike a truly damaging blow to the Swordsman's army of traitors, we must eliminate their most powerful commanders....such as his vermin spawn."
Viznoor, the Black

Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Vibebreaker of Shadows (also known as Tatsuyi Kirigaya and The Vibebreaker) is the eldest son of Kirito, the Black Swordsman and Asuna, Kirito's Betrothed and the brother of Yuji Kirigaya, Konno Yuuki, and Yui Narusaka.

As the scion of Kirito's army known as the Shadowkeepers, he commands the Shadow Collective, his personal group consisting of the members of the Shadow Army.

He is the main antagonist of the Paradox expansion, having killed Cisco Ramon during the Shadowkeeper Apocalypse, played a role in the deaths of Rudolph McAlister, Ashe-5, and Robert E.O. Speedwagon's associates, and appeared in the High Orbit Dungeon as the final boss.



"I remember when my dad used to play Sword Art Online... back then, they knew him as a hero. My mom and I still do."
— Tatsuyi

Born on October 7th, 2028 during the aftermath of Japan's destruction, Tatsuyi was raised by his parents Kirito and Asuna, whose memories of Aincrad would lead him to work alongside them.

The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]

Rebirth of Aincrad[edit]

"Like that son of that Bitch from that Dimension, Tatsuyi is nothing but a vessel to the Darkness, and he killed a good person to gain favor for the Dark. So... as I have been mentioning before, just put a bullet between his eyes and his family so we can get through with our lives..."
Joskaa, Lion Kell

Some years after his parents corrupted Mal with the Darkness, killed countless Auradonians and heroes, including Zavala, and took over Auradon, Tatsuyi participated in various events of the Shadowkeeper Apocalypse, one of which involved killing Vibe, a metahuman whose real name was Cisco Ramon, before stealing all of his powers and implementing them into his Necrotic Grip gauntlets and his signature weapon, the Thorn Hand Cannon, earning him numerous titles, including "Heir of Shadows" by Kotrik and "Shadow Prince" by the Ghosts of Nagasaki.

The Rogue Empire[edit]

"Kirito may be the bane of all goodness, but his son is PURE EVIL, right down to his very bones! Is he a victim of circumstance, you're wondering? Not on your life! He's been evil since he drew his first breath!"
— Robert E.O. Speedwagon to The Guardian

Sometime during the Apocalypse, he and his family would decide to meet with the mob boss named Castris in the hopes of uniting her crime syndicate with the Shadowkeepers. However, when they realized that the mob boss, instead, refused the offer, the Vibebreaker became outraged and plotted the syndicate's downfall. With the help of an equally angry Tyranaks and his lieutenants, he would begin to organize a plan to rope the Criminal Empire into war by framing them for slaughtering their Vanguard associates and supplying the Shadowkeepers with weapons, while framing The Hidden for capturing and killing their trusted members, starting with the murder of Ashe-5. In the process of this conspiracy, he would also discover that a Speedwagon Foundation agent known as Rudolph McAlister has been investigating the syndicate, keeping him alive long enough to send the false leads of the Criminal Empire's allegiance to the Shadowkeepers before finally sending Kotrik, the Kell of the House of Shadows, to finish him off. He would also discover that Robert E.O. Speedwagon is also investigating the Syndicate for its alliance, to the point where he plotted to deceive him with a fake Castris, with the help of the Fusion lieutenant known as Lilthis, the Daemon. After confronting Speedwagon himself and seeing him convinced about the falsified evidence, he would paralyze and render the agent unconscious and escape. Since then, he has remained in the shadows, calling on his newfound, Fusion-empowered associates to continue enacting his will.

Return of Nightmares[edit]

Alternate Timeline[edit]


  • Yukito Narusaka, grandfather
  • Aoi Narusaka, grandmother
  • Kazuto Kirigaya, father
  • Asuna Yuuki, mother
  • Yui Narusaka, sister
  • Konno Yuuki, sister
  • Yuji Kirigaya, brother