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Asuna, Kirito's Betrothed
Shadow Queen Asuna.jpg
Biographical Information

Other Names:

Asuna Yuuki
The Lightning Flash
Asuna-chan (Kirito)
Shadow Queen Asuna
Champion of the Darkness
Kirito’s Little Dog (Stygian Brood)
Bitch (Vothriks, the Lost)
Psycho Wife (Iriksi, Monsoon Baroness)
Kirito’s Loyal Yandere Bitch (AJ)
Nightmare of Anicrad (Brayden-4)
Kirito’s Blood Lover (Wraith)




September 30th, 2007




55 kg




Shadow Queen






168 cm


55 kg

Combat Information


Call of the Past (Cutscene)
A Forgotten Interference (Voice)
Journey's End
High Orbit (Nightmare)


Asuna's Splinter Rifle
Asuna's Hellfire Bow
Lambent Darkness
Shock Blade
Null Cannon


Deathly Tear
Favor of the Darkness
High Levitation
Eternal Immunity
Perfected Solar Slicer Super
Burning Effect
Perfected Void Shield Super
Slowness Effect
Perfected Arc Wrath Super
Shocking Debuff
Enhanced Quake Attack
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Pyramids
Summon Fallen
Summon Hive
Summon Vex
Summon Cabal
Summon Taken
Summon Scorn
Summon Ghosts of Nagasaki

"Kirito's betrothed and the Shadow Queen who helped murder Zavala and bring on the uprising of the Shadowkeepers Apocalypse, Asuna has now become a threat even greater than the enemies we've faced in our past."
— Official Description

Asuna, Kirito's Betrothed is the Lightning Flash of Aincrad, the wife of Kirito and mother of Yui Narusaka, and one of the players who, along with Kirito, beat the game called Sword Art Online.

She is the main antagonist of the Paradox expansion, having helped Kirito form a dark army consisting of all the enemies the Guardian faced, killed heroes such as Zavala, Emperor Calus, Leafa, Benjamin Florian, and Evie Grimhilde, and destroyed Auradon, all of which earned her both the favor and respect of the Darkness as its champion.


Childhood and Past[edit]

Although not much is known about Asuna, except for her childhood, all the Guardians know are that she was one of the players who were trapped in Sword Art Online and that she fell in love with a boy named Kirito.

Birth of the Shadows[edit]

Upon accepting the powers of the Darkness, Kirito and Asuna stepped into the Guardian's universe and rallied unfathomable waves of the enemies of Humanity, including the Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Taken, and Scorn, promising them that they can rule the entire universe alongside them and get their revenge on the Guardians and the Traveler.

Attack on Auradon[edit]

Some weeks after the Jewel-bilee, Kirito and Asuna led the Shadowkeepers and their newly-assembled Shadow Army to the Isle of the Lost, where they freed the son of Yzma known as Zevon from the frozen prison before launching a high-stakes invasion on Auradon that resulted in Mal's corruption at the hands of the Darkness and the deaths of countless civilians and heroes, including Zavala. Having triumphed over the now-dead Zavala, they proceeded to launch the codes for the Darkness's corruptive-matter system, simply known as Lightfall, which summoned waves of malevolent Blights that destroyed everything that Auradon stood for, killed all living beings of Light and civilians of Auradonian blood within it, and turned the entire city into a realm of their ideal birth worlds, officially beginning the Shadowkeepers Apocalypse.

A New Aincrad[edit]

"For years, the world had been bound by aspects of a failed past, full of lies that the Traveler brought upon this universe. But, we knew the truth. In Light, there was only weakness. Only failure. Only subjugation. Only death. But where the Light took, the Dark gives. No longer will we be pawns of the Light's lies. No longer will we stand by and let those monsters and so-called heroes abuse our people. No longer will we watch the lives of those we care for be lost. In Darkness, there is only strength. Only power. Only victory. Only freedom. Only life. And we shall rise forever!"
— Kirito, rallying the forces of Darkness.

Moments after taking over Auradon, Kirito and Asuna set up countless programs and SIVA networks from his computer that the Pyramids used to rebuild Aincrad as they saw fit and split up the Shadow Army into its six respective groups: the House of Shadows, led by Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito, a notorious Fallen Kell of Shadows who stole Guardian tech from The Last City; the Shadow Swarm, led by Zharves, Shadowcaster of Kirito, a surviving Hive Deathsinger who formerly served Crota and his father; the Shadow Divisive, led by Hydrax, Mindkiller of Kirito, a massive Vex Axis Mind Hydra who possessed the ability to stop time; the Shadow Legion, led by Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito, a powerful Cabal warlord who helped murder Calus and overthrow the Leviathan; the Reborn, led by Thu'urg, Blightmaker of Kirito, a Taken Cabal commander who helped ignite a new Taken War; and the Cult of Shadows, led by Vayeriks, Fatesmith of Kirito, Fikrul's right hand and a commander of the first Scorn.

Personality and Traits[edit]