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Vothriks, the Lost
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

The Taken Kell


Fallen (formerly)



Political and military information


House of Winter (formerly)
Vothriks' Faction



Notable info:

Leader of a group of rogue Taken


"No longer am I a slave to a dead king. Now, I am free from control. Free from servitude. Now, I will carve a path of my own."—Vothriks.

Vothriks, the Lost is a powerful Taken Baron who currently leads his own group of independent Taken in the Tangled Shore, using a hidden location known as The Wreck as his main base of operations. Unlike many Taken, Vothriks and his faction are wholly sentient and are not controlled by any other entity, such as Savathûn, Quria or Riven.


Prior to being Taken, Vothriks was once a Baron of the House of Winter, and a very influential and well-respected one at that. Following the death of Draksis, Winter Kell by the hands of The Guardian, Vothriks aspired to become the new Kell of his house to restore order. However, before he could fully ascend to power, Oryx, the Taken King, had arrived to the system, and Vothriks was one of the many to become Taken by the Hive god. However despite being loyal to Oryx, Vothriks did retain most of his sentience, and became a powerful commander of his armies.

However, upon Oryx's death, Vothriks regained full independent thought, but like many of his corrupted brethren he was left lost and directionless without a hand to direct him. The Baron gathered the largest amount of subordinate Taken he could and fled to The Reef, hiding out in the Tangled Shore while they slowly rebuilt their numbers.

To this date, Vothriks has since secured a previously uncharted sector of the Shore known as The Wreck, a vast yard of crashed Fallen and Cabal vessels, including a whole derelict Ketch. The Wreck now serves as their personal hideout, where they remain hidden away from the dangers of what lies outside. Most of the Taken under him now have free will themselves, and he currently makes plans to strike back against the forces of the Darkness.

Personality and Traits

To others, Vothriks is a highly secretive fellow. He often chooses to hide from or ignore the various other factions, only daring to strike back when he or his men are threatened first. He makes no attempt to form alliances with others, but doesn't attack them, instead wanting nothing to do with them at all. Vothriks also prefers to keep the existence of him and his faction a secret, and mainly prioritizes staying hidden at all costs. The Taken Kell is known to show signs of cleverness and cunning when needed, and plans out most of his moves carefully, taking both the benefits and consequences into close consideration.

Vothriks has a notably strong dislike for both the Guardians and the Hive; he dislikes the Guardians because in his eyes, they are nothing but rampant, unstoppable killing machines that won't hesitate to attack on sight, and care about nothing else other than loot and dancing. As such, he makes a point to avoid any and all contact with Guardians whenever possible. And he utterly despises the Hive for their cruelty, philosophy, actions, and the fact that they are the species responsible for his Taking, even though it was only Oryx who did such. Despite choosing to remain hidden, Vothriks will not hesitate to strike against the Hive should he deem it necessary, especially the ones that are spreading through the Wreck at this very moment.

However, Vothriks is also a surprisingly benevolent boss to his own troops, allowing them to do whatever they please as long as it isn't too problematic or detrimental to the group, providing them with whatever they may need, and even allowing them to defect from his faction should they wish. He does truly care for those that serve under them, and never gets angry should they fail him in some way, only disappointed. He will attempt to settle any disagreements within his faction with reason rather than brute force. This attitude makes Vothriks a very well-liked and well-respected leader to his group, especially since as Taken, they have nowhere else to go, lest they end up dead or in the clutches of a much more malevolent force who seeks control of them. Despite his beliefs, Vothriks does have some flexibility to him, and is willing to negotiate, fight or even work with Guardians if he feels there is no other choice, but right now, he remains out of sight to this day, slowly building his faction's numbers in hopes of one day creating an army large and strong enough to fight against the Hive, Scorn, or even the Darkness itself.



  • Vothriks bears a striking resemblance to Keksis, the Betrayed, in that the white glowing orb that typically obscures a Taken's face is absent from him.
  • Vothriks is known to speak in a heavily distorted, but still intelligible, voice. This is likely an effect of being Taken.