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Vothriks' Faction
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Build and preserve their numbers
Repel the Darkness

At war with:

Stygian Brood


Taken that have regained their free will
Lack of white orbs concealing their faces

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

Vothriks, the Lost


"Back then, we were nothing but mindless slaves, made to do the bidding of whatever scumbag that changed us. Not anymore. So let's send those "gods" a message. We're not going to listen to them anymore."
Vothriks, the Lost

Vothriks' Faction are a renegade group of Taken led by former Winter Baron Vothriks. Unlike most Taken, the ones under Vothriks have total sentient thought and do not serve under any Hive god, or other being capable of Taking. They currently reside within The Wreck within the Tangled Shore, locked in a territorial war with the Stygian Brood.


Vothriks' Taken are only distinguishable from others by the lack of the glowing white orb that typically obscures a Taken's facial features, and instead have white eyes. They are mostly made of up of Taken Fallen, Cabal and Vex, with very little Taken Hive. They retain the abilities used by their mindless brethren, although some are capable of manipulating the Blight and long-distance teleportation among other things, such as Vothriks himself.

These Taken are unique in that they have complete sentience and free will. They are a relatively neutral faction, remaining indifferent towards the affairs of the Last City and its various allies and enemies and refuse to interact with any of them. Instead, they remain in hiding and do everything to keep their faction a secret from others, lest they should be threatened once found out.

Between each member of the faction is a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty to their kin, almost like a familial bond. They are all close to one another and their leader Vothriks, and each one would readily risk their lives to ensure the safety of the other.

They are rather loosely organized. Instead of having a proper command structure, the amount of power and authority each member has depends on how well-respected they are by their peers. Vothriks, at the very top is of course the most respected out of all of them, being the founder and leader of the entire faction.

Vothriks' faction also repurposes and uses technology from other factions, such as the Fallen, Cabal, Hive and Scorn. They also experiment with infusing said technology with Taken energy to augment its effectiveness and give it new capabilities.



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