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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Bandai Namco
Vicarious Visions
High Moon Studios


Bandai Namco Entertainment


Xbox One
Xbox Series X
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Google Stadia
Nintendo Switch

Release date(s):

September 06, 2022


Action role-playing
First-person shooter
Japanese role-playing


ESRB: Teen (T) for Blood, Drug Reference, Language and Violence
PEGI: 16+


"It's just a game... or so I thought."

Paradox is the seventh expansion of Destiny 2, the eleventh expansion of the Destiny franchise, and the first expansion of the Redux Trilogy. It is supposed to be the actual name for Lightfall.



Following the fight against the Witch Queen Savathûn and her army of Hive that plagued our world, as the heroes of the last safe city turn their eyes towards the frontiers beyond the protection of the Traveler, humanity has fallen under attack once more, but this time, the Darkness has a new name: Kazuto Kirigaya, the Black Swordsman who has recruited a dark army of Shadowkeepers to launch a world-ending massacre that turned Mal evil, killed countless Auradonians and heroes, including Commander Zavala, and turned Auradon into a living nightmare. Enter mysterious worlds. Journey deep into what lies beyond Auradon. Work with the Vanguard, Eris Morn, Lucy Heartfilia, and the resurrected Cayde-6 to avenge Zavala's death and prevent the Shadowkeepers from cementing Mal's darkness before they cast humanity into an age of darkness for good. Become a slayer of our worst nightmares.


This expansion is about the Young Wolf returning to a world now changed by the aftermath of Zavala's death to hunt down Kirito and Asuna at the request of the Vanguard. Now corrupted by the Darkness, Kirito and Asuna have recruited dark versions of their friends and old and new faces of enemies from the player's past, including Zevon, Son of Yzma; Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash; Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer; Sasuke Uchiha; Fikrul, the Fanatic; Uldren Sov; and possibly more. The Vanguard tasks you to stop them from ushering in a new era of darkness and put whatever evil is out there out of their misery. The Guardians venture deep beyond the Last City and face the new threat, not knowing, what they might set loose...


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Guardians, Residents of the Last City, and their Allies
The Cabal Empire
The Fallen
The Ghosts of Nagasaki
The Ghoulies
The Hive
The Moonwalkers
The Reef and Distributary
The Scorn
The Taken
The Vex
The Shadowkeepers
Other Characters




Vehicles, Equipment, and Technology

Weapons and Armor



  • New Missions, & Quests
  • New Destinations & Dungeon
  • New Weapons and Gear to Earn
  • All New Raids
  • New gear to uncover
  • Xbox Exclusive Contents: Exotic Solar Merain's Prodigy Pulse Rifle, Ver Aetatis Strike, Hōzuki Castle Crucible Map, and Date a Live-themed Astral Evolution Armor Set
  • And More

Gameplay Updates[edit]

  • New Light Levels: 2000 (Soft), 2030 (Ordeal), and 2060 (Pinnacle/Seasonal Cap)
  • New Weapon Types: Akimbo Cannons, Crossbows and Vorpal Blades
  • New Game Modes: Kamen Rider Chronicle and Reckoning Prime

Guardian Subclasses & Changes[edit]

New Subclasses and Classes[edit]


  • You can now edit your character and give him/her an anime makeover.


  • New Gear to unlock
  • New Exotics to earn
  • Pre-order Bonuses: Exotic Evie's Ghost Shell, Exclusive Sword Art Online Emblem, First access to the Shadow Necrochasm Pulse Rifle and Shadow Necrowing Sparrow, and other exclusive contents.


Returning Destinations[edit]

  • Venus
  • The Dreadnaught
  • Plaguelands


Paradox Campaign[edit]

Paradox Campaign is the main story arc for the expansion of the same name and follows you trying to avenge the death of Zavala through hunting down Kirito and Asuna and their dark armies. The second half of the expansion story focuses around fighting alongside Rasputin, Eris Morn, and Ikora Rey to uncover the secrets behind the existence of a greater, far more powerful threat within the heart of the Traveler.

  • Call of the Past
  • A Forgotten Interference
  • Memories of Glass
  • Wicked Awakening
  • Plague of Darkness
  • Wakening of Sins
  • Beyond Time
  • Fate of Blights
  • Siege of the Hellfire
  • Divided We Fall
  • Lair of the Hollowed
  • Legacy of Vengeance
  • Eye of Worlds
  • Journey's End

Dawnrise Campaign[edit]

Dawnrise Campaign is the second act of the Paradox Expansion and the major arc for Season of the Black Swordsman and revolves around The Guardian helping fight back against a deep-rooted plan of corruption by the minions of the Darkness hellbent on resurrecting the Demon Empress known to few as Amaterasu.

  • The Burning Past
  • Devil's Footprints
  • The Spreading Malice

Gamechanger Pass[edit]


Naked Soul[edit]



  • Corrupted by Edge
  • Zavala's Will
  • Welcome to Tokyo-X
  • Wrath of the Relentless
  • Endgame





  • Breath of Fear

Location: The Dreaming City, Reef

Description: Head into the heart of Riven's shadow world and fight against Quria to prevent the Taken from igniting another war within the Awoken's homeland.

  • Spectre Breakout

Location: Wormhaven, Titan

Description: Descend into the remnants of a Dreadnaught and hunt down Verok to stop her from bringing on the reformation of the Hive world.

  • Sword in the Stone

Location: Trollmarket, Earth

Description: Stop a resurrected Angor Rot and his army from hijacking archives encrypted by Rasputin.

  • Ver Aetatis

Location: Ishtar Sink, Venus

Description: Venture into Atheon's vacant throne and prevent the Tempus Mind from altering reality.


  • Nightfall Prime
  • Nightfall: Grandmaster's Ordeal


  • Legacy Strikes
  • Shadowkeeper Apocalypse





  • Inferno


  • Jewel Heist
  • Rift
  • Tag-Team



  • Gambit Redux
  • Gambit Championship



Shadowkeeper Hunts[edit]

  • Target: The Great Fire
  • Target: The Reverse-Flash
  • Target: The Dark Archer
  • Target: The Black Knight
  • Target: The Great White Whale
  • Target: The Kryptonian Worldkiller
  • Target: The Doctor
  • Target: The Superior
  • Target: The Man in Black
  • Target: The Mother of Monsters
  • Target: The First Number

Legendary Lost Sectors[edit]

  • Hill of Ahamkaras

Lost Sectors[edit]

  • TBD

Accompanying Season[edit]


  • This will be Bungie's first game to be published alongside Activision and Bandai Namco.
  • Nathan Fillion will reprise his role as Cayde-6.
  • Cameron Boyce will make a posthumous appearance in this game.
  • Although many actors who portrayed the characters from the Descendants series will return in Destiny 2, their appearances will be cameo.
  • Despite being called Paradox, this game will be a reboot to the Destiny 2 game and takes place after the events of Rise of Iron.