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Veist logo

VEIST is a weapon foundry of the City.[1]

Design Philosophy[edit]

VEIST specializes in all-purpose, highly advanced weapons for Guardians. The majority of VEIST's weapons are fast-firing and quick-handling, with a balancing set of perks and a unique appearance that sets it apart from the other foundries. VEIST weapons are designed and named to evoke venomous creatures, and each one includes an on-board artificial intelligence programmed with the "killer instincts" of its host weapon's namesake. This philosophy was inspired by the death of a man from a snake bite by the northern City wall.[2]

VEIST weapons are noted to have a distinct, futuristic visual style.[3] Many include bladed projections on the trigger-guard or elsewhere, giving them an aggressive appearance. VEIST weapons also use side-loading magazine wells, as opposed to the bottom-loading magazine wells used on most weapons.


VEIST offers a myriad of Energy Weapons to Guardians, including sidearms, auto rifles, fully automatic scout rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, linear fusion rifles, a sword for Hunters known as the Quickfang, and the combat bow Arsenic Bite-4b. VEIST also manufactures weapons specifically for Dead Orbit.


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