PlayStation 4

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The PlayStation 4 is an eighth generation video game console, launched on November 15, 2013. Destiny was confirmed as a title for the console during the PlayStation 4 unveiling. Owners of the Playstation 4 version will receive timed exclusive content.[1] The Destiny Beta will begin in summer 2014 first for the PlayStation 4 as well as the PlayStation 3.[2][3] The PS4 controller comes in the form of the DualShock 4 pad. The DualShock 4 controller offers upgraded vibrations, enhanced motion sensors and a touchpad on the front. The PlayStation 4 will be cheaper than the Xbox One - $399 in the US, £349 in the UK and €399 - compared to $499 and £429. That price does not include the PS Eye camera, where as the Xbox One will ship with the second version of Kinect. The PS4 will ship packing 8GB of GDDR5 memory.