Destiny PlayStation 4 Official Announcement

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PlayStation 4 Official Announcement
The Destiny PlayStation 4 Official Announcement is the announcement video of Destiny on the PlayStation 4.


Narration is from Jason Jones, the Co-Founder of Bungie.

Hey everybody, its great to be here. I want to tell you a little bit about what Bungie has been doing for the last few years.
After Halo we asked our self whats next. Whats worth doing? When you have a studio with this much talent.
What do you point it at. How can we take a genre we love and know so well: The first person shooter. And turn it on its head again.
And our answer is Destiny. Bungie's next to great FPS.
In Destiny we've created a fantastic new universe for players to explore, full of mystery and adventure.
we've build a persistent online world. Where players grow and customize their characters.
And we focused from the beginning not just on the great competitive experience players demand from a shooter. But playing Destiny cooperatively with your friends was going to blow your mind.
Destiny is going to be amazing on the PlayStation 4 it's a great piece of gear.
And we can't wait to see what PlayStation fans do when they set foot in our world for the first time.