Destiny E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer

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E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer
The Destiny E3 2013 Gameplay trailer is a trailer showcasing Destiny's gameplay.


  • Unknown Narrator: "They call it the Traveler. We watch as it hangs above. The mysterious sphere, silently protecting us."
  • Unknown Narrator: "The last city on Earth. Outside of our walls, is a vast frontier, occupied by strange and deadly forces."
  • Unknown Narrator: "The planets of our solar systems have been taken from us, and we must reclaim what is rightfully ours. Our enemies surround us, growing stronger every day."
  • Unknown Narrator: "And now, we face a choice. We can hide behind the walls of our city, or fight back against our enemies."
  • Unknown Narrator: "As Guardians, we'll stand together, seize our destiny and become legend."