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Eliksni siege



Second Collapse
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Dwindler's Ridge, Earth
Antumbral Chasm, Deimos
The Leviathan
European Dead Zone, Earth
The Tower, The Last City


Enshroudment of the Solar System
Kirito and Asuna succeed in destroying the Last City and the Traveler
Beginning of the Age of Darkness


Solar System:

The Darkness:

  • Zavala
  • Shin Malphur
  • Anastasia Bray
  • Devrim Kay
  • Mithrax
  • Near annihilation of the Guardian order
  • Near destruction of Rasputin
  • Complete annihilation of the Imperial Fleet
  • Complete annihilation of the Royal Awoken Guards
  • Many Scales lost
  • Many Avatars
Civilian casualties

Complete annihilation of The Last City megapolis
Complete annihilation of The Reef


"We thought we felt the true meaning of mortality when the Collapse came... and when Ghaul took our Light, but we never believed that Kirito and Asuna could actually take from us more than that."
Hannah Ciel.

The Second Collapse (also known as the Shadowkeeper's Apocalypse) was a massively cataclysmic system-wide conflict fought between the unified forces of the Solar System and The Black Fleet. The conflict began after Pyramidic fleet-elements started arriving en mass into the system. After the Outer System was taken without any meaningful resistance, the Fleet moved into the Inner System, shrouding world after world until only Earth and its Moon remained.

There, in orbit around the dyad worlds, the Fleet deployed the Avatar army and its commanders, the Shadowkeepers, a notorious crime syndicate led by the Black Swordsman and his Angel. Most of Earth's landmass was quickly claimed by the Avatar armies except for the entirety of the southern American continent, where the Last City has grown into a megapolis of unimaginable proportions. Here the enemy forces were stalemated until The Guardian was lured away to the EDZ and subsequently corrupted. The Black Fleet claimed victory, broke the Traveler, and slew most of the Solar System combatants, with few survivors fleeing into new worlds. The enshroudment of Sol complete, the Black Fleet withdrew its forces into its home dimension, where secretly a hidden fortress had been constructed.


The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]


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Fall of the Last City[edit]


Conquest of Shadows[edit]

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