Shank (House Light)

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Shank (House Light)
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Shank is a unnamed Female Shank from the House of Light. She is mentioned by Eido, Daughter of Misraaks for being with them for many years who is temperamental, but also loyal.

Though she is a machine, she is treated as a living member of the House and has been repaired numerous times over the years.


  • This Shank has been with us for many years. She's temperamental, but loyal. She's in need of constant repair, but we're used to it. Our House has fixed every part of her, from sensors to exhaust. So when I look at her, I don't see an object. I see the members of my House. I see myself. To us, machines are vessels, not just tools. This is why scrap-working is so important to Eliksni culture. It's a way of sharing our spirit with the world, even when we have nothing. I'm sure that Guardians feel the same way about their Tower. It's more than a hollow form. More than the rubble it was built from. The Tower is the keeper of the Vanguard spirit, and you would defend it more fiercely than any other building. Is it not so?Eido, Daughter of Misraaks



  • Her fans are still operational and can be seen spinning.
  • She is absent of any paint colouring compared to her Shank counterparts from other Noble Houses.

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