Target: The Hangman

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This article is about the Baron Hunt Adventure. For the Baron, see The Rider.
Target: The Hangman
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Destiny 2


1 - 3


Tangled Shore, The Reef


Stop The Hangman, one of the Scorn's eight Barons.

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Target: The Hangman is a Baron Hunt Adventure located in the Tangled Shore within The Reef. The Guardian needs to hunt down Reksis Vahn, the Hangman, a powerful Flame Cauldron-wielding Scorn Baron.



The Guardian spawns in next to a dead servitor in a cage.

Ghost: This Servitor's been drained. No… mauled. I see a name carved into it. "Reksis Vahn". The Hangman. I've got a lead on him.

The Guardian finds two of the Spider's Servitors in cages.

Ghost: That's one of Spider's Servitors. It might help us if we free it.

The Guardian defeats the Scorn guarding the cages and frees the servitors. The servitors act as player friendly units and will fight enemies that are nearby. Once all scorn are dead:

Ghost: Servitors are holy to the Fallen. They create the Ether that the Fallen need to survive and grow. It's shocking that the Scorn - who were once Fallen - would even attack Servitors.

The Guardian finds and frees two more servitors. Before they free the fifth, Reksis Vahn destroys it. He then disappears.

Ghost: He's heading for the slums.

The Guardian defeats the hangman in his hideout and frees two more servitors.

Ghost: The Hangman enjoyed this - causing pain. Let's get out of here, Guardian. I don't want to think about what he did to Cayde.





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