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The Runner

The Up and Up


Destiny 2


1 - 3


Infinite Forest, Mercury

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"Prevent the Vex from completing a simulation of Fallen combat tactics."
— In-game description

The Up and Up is an Adventure located in the Infinite Forest on Mercury. The Guardian needs to stop the Vex from simulating battle tactics from the Fallen.


  • Tamper with the Fallen simulation
  • Step into the future/present simulation
  • Recon the experiment site
  • Eliminate the Fallen
  • Eliminate the Fallen Captain
  • Retrieve the chest



  • SAGIRA: The Vex run all kinds of things in the Forest now, including combat tests on Fallen. They're planning some kind of invasion, probably on Nessus.
  • GHOST: You want us to ruin their test case? We've got guns. We can do that.


  • OSIRIS: Guardian. Ghost. I've obtained the coordinates to a Vex combat test within the Forest, designed to study the fighting capabilities of the Fallen. They must be preparing for an invasion.
  • GHOST: We've got this. The Vex can't study the Fallen if we delete them.


  • OSIRIS: The Vex are simulating the Fallen's capability for retreat. I need you to attack it and destabilize their experiment.
  • SAGIRA: All this predicting, and they never predict we're going to air-drop the Guardian on them. Again.


  • SAGIRA: Ghost! Guardian! The Vex are running a combat loop against Fallen hostiles.
  • GHOST: But it won't be much of a test if we get rid of all those simulated Fallen.
  • SAGIRA: Exactly.

The Guardian enters the Infinite Forest.

  • GHOST: If these readings are correct, the destination gateway is heavily protected. This simulation must be valuable.
  • SAGIRA: There's nothing more the Vex value more than unique data.


  • SAGIRA: Osiris and I are running cover for you by causing a little chaos in a nearby simulation. But the Vex know we're interested in this Fallen experiment too. Expect a… strong response.
  • GHOST: Always.

The player clears out multiple Vex and Fallen units in the Forest to unlock the pathway forward.

  • GHOST: So… the Vex have moved on to experimentation with the Fallen. Is it too much to hope they'll destroy each other?
  • OSIRIS: Don't hope. We'll deal with them ourselves.


  • OSIRIS: The Vex controlling the simulation have been alerted to your presence. They've begun to shift the terrain.


  • SAGIRA: The Vex are aware of your presence. They're manipulating platforms to slow you down. Remember: get in, eliminate the Fallen, and get out.


  • GHOST: Why simulate the Fallen? They've never been weaker.
  • OSIRIS: The Vex intend to erase all other life-forms. Powerful or weak. Affluent or destitute. Anywhere we can stop them, we must.


  • OSIRIS: The Vex defensive protocols are active. They're attempting to prevent you from reaching your Fallen targets by altering the geometry around you.

The player exits the Forest and proceeds either into the Simulant Present or the Simulant Future.

  • SAGIRA: By the way, the Vex have you on a time limit. Don't let those Fallen escape!
  • GHOST: We can handle it.


  • GHOST: They're not wasting any time. And neither should we.

The places are littered with Fallen troops. The player has to find and defeat two Rearguard Commanders, powerful Vandals lurking the experiment area. When killed, Vex structures appear for the player to climb on.

  • GHOST: There! Those platforms!


  • SAGIRA: You're doing great. Just don't think about what happens if you fall.
  • GHOST: Great. Now I'm thinking about it.


  • OSIRIS: I have seen evidence that leads me to believe the phasing platforms shift between different realities.
  • SAGIRA: Vex - always have to do everything the hard way.

The player climbs up the platforms. This phase require caution, as the platforms disappear and appear irregularly.

  • SAGIRA: If it helps, try not to look down.

When at the top, the player encounter a Servitor called Fallen Rear Guard, along various other Fallen enemies.

  • OSIRIS: You are near the target. Do what you must to stop the Fallen.
  • GHOST: We know how to do that.


  • OSIRIS: The combination of constants and variables in this simulation is fascinating. Rigid structure in movement, dynamism in engagement, all within a strict framework. Beautiful. Unfortunately, I must destroy it when you're finished.


  • OSIRIS: The simulation window is closing, but you are near the payload that the Fallen are trying to extract.

The Guardian fights their way through the Fallen units, and a Captain called Cache Defender appears. It needs to be defeated within a certain time limit, or the Vex will gain access to some information.

If the Guardian kills the Cache Defender within the time limit:

  • OSIRIS: Excellent. Another reality path closed to the Vex.
  • SAGIRA: Told you they were good.


  • SAGIRA: Nice. One more Vex master plan thwarted.
  • OSIRIS: There will be others.
  • SAGIRA: And we'll stop them too. Just enjoy the moment.

If the Guardian doesn't kill the Cache Defender within time limit:

  • GHOST: We're running out of time.

OSIRIS: Enemies are closing on your position. We've lost our chance to deny the Vex information, but we can still destroy the Fallen.

The player defeats the Fallen.

  • OSIRIS: Take heart. Even thought the Vex retrieved their data, your efforts may have already altered its usefulness.
  • SAGIRA: Hmm. I wonder if they predicted that.


  • GHOST: All hostiles down. The Vex got the data, but this bunch isn't getting up again.
  • SAGIRA: A few less bad guys running around the Infinite Forest? I'm OK with that.





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