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Production overview

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Sniper Rifle

Min-max impact:


Min-max stability:


Min-max handling:


Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:

Special ammo

Rate of fire:

140 RPM



Effective range:



"Survival is our most holy writ. Heterodoxy will be its own undoing."

The Apostate is a Legendary Sniper Rifle awarded after completing waves from the Altars of Sorrow.

Weapon stats[edit]

  • Rapid-Fire Frame: Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty.
  • Rapid Hit: Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed.


  • Fluted Barrel: Ultra-light barrel. Greatly increases handling speed. Slightly increases stability.
  • Extended Mag: This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower. Greatly increases magazine size. Greatly decreases reload speed.
  • Accurized Rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances. Increases range.
  • Shield Disorient: Energy matched shield explosion disorients nearby combatants.


It was Kinox who saw the truth in all the flaws. So many struggled to follow the logic, and with every pained effort, new cracks made themselves known. Whether fault rested with the logic itself or with those who remained to challenge its promise was of little consequence. All that mattered was the harsh reality of the Swarm's spiraling failure. They were lost. They were doomed. With no force to bind and guide them—either through respect or domination—the Swarm would wither and die. Or worse, be reduced to ash by the might of the Traveler's army. Hashladûn had made a fool's effort to raise their grandfather. There was power to be found in nightmares, this was certain—but not a power they could cage until it was their own to wield. Such efforts were wasted, but another possibility had shown itself. The Pit had nearly secured a champion. The logic had almost proven true. Kinox had tried to make her eldest sister see the potential in a warrior broken and bound to their will—but her sisters were too far down their own broken path. Thus, Kinox acted upon her newly discovered truth, and it was this: "If all are unworthy, all will seek to subvert the tenets of logic in ways grand and infinitesimal, because all will revert to their truest form—all will become survivors." Kinox was no different, except that in this Understanding she had found a power of her own—in this Understanding she was free to act without remorse or fear of heresy. Because if all are drawn to sin, then none are sinners but those who fail to adapt to the forced evolution of their broken faith.

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