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"I am Medusa, survivor of the Golden Age, secret watcher over the Dreaming City. And I need your help."
— Medusa

According to the Lore Book Truth to Power, Medusa is a Craftmind, a Golden Age artificial intelligence designed for covert operations. She made contact with the Guardian under the guise of Eris Morn.[1] Subsequent information suggests she may in fact be a manifestation of the Taken Vex Mind, Quria, Blade Transform, although this is unconfirmed.

Both the Warmind Rasputin and the Golden Age AI Failsafe have stated that they have no record of Medusa's existence, despite Rasputin having been involved with virtually all military operations in the Sol System during the Golden Age, and Failsafe being affiliated with the Exodus Project.[2]


The nature of Truth to Power itself makes it difficult to discern facts from fiction, the Lore Book being told by an unreliable narrator. According to the information provided there, Medusa was created during the Golden Age as a covert intelligence-gathering agent, and was assigned to observe the Project Amrita colony mission. She survived the passage through the singularity that consumed the Yang Liwei, and hid herself among the Awoken on the Distributary. She later followed Mara Sov as she left the Distributary and re-entered the Solar System, and eventually stationed herself as a covert observer within the Dreaming City.

As Truth to Power has most likely been written by Savathûn, Medusa might, however, have never existed, serving only as a narrative device to hook the Guardian and make them wonder, thus generating Imbaru for the Witch Queen.


  • In Greek mythology, Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, women who were turned into monsters for offending the gods. She had snakes for hair and was capable of turning humans into stone with her gaze.

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