Yang Liwei

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The Yang Liwei was a spacecraft commissioned during the Golden Age. It was the lead ship of Project Amrita, a colony mission intended to find and settle a habitable planet where humans could live without the Traveler's involvement in their affairs. It was captained by Alis Li, and had a crew of 900 people in total.

The ship was intercepted by the Darkness during the Collapse, leading captain Li to broadcast a declaration of neutrality. The Traveler intervened by sending out a beam of Light to push back the Darkness, but was unsuccessful in fully repelling it. The energy of the interaction between the two paracausal entities resulted in the formation of a kugelblitz, which swallowed the Yang Liwei.


  • Yang Liwei was the first person sent into space by the Chinese space program, during the Shenzhou 5 mission in 2003.

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