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Alis Li
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The first Awoken Queen
The Queen
Captain Li


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Queen of the Awoken
Firstborn of the Awoken


"Alis Li, the very first of our queens. She was given a precious opportunity to build a society in the way she thought best. She chose equality, exploration, engineering, peace… and her wisdom led us to paradise."
Shuro Chi

Alis Li, born Alice Li, was the captain of the Yang Liwei before it entered the Distributary pocket dimension during the Collapse. Reborn as an Awoken, Alis was thought to be the first of her people and was chosen to be their first Queen. Following the Theodicy War, Alis abdicated the Queenship and retired, although she maintained influence over her people and suspected Mara Sov was responsible for manipulating the Awoken.


Captain of the Yang Liwei[edit]

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Before she became Awoken, she was the captain of a colony ship called Yang Liwei.[1]

Rebirth as an Awoken[edit]

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Her and Mara Sov were the first to be awoken. During the first council, Alis was appointed as Queen.

Theodicy War[edit]

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With beliefs that Alis had denied the Awoken godhood, a war was started against the Queen. After the war, Li gave up her position as Queen and went into hiding.

Mara's Departure[edit]

Before leaving the Distributary to fight in the war between Light and Darkness, Mara confided in Alis that she was the first to enter the Distributary and deny the Awoken godhood. She admitted to being behind the Theodicy War, to create a sense of guilt among the people that she would answer with her scheme to leave. Alis, shocked and disgusted, declared that Mara is the devil and that her name prophesied that she would lead people to certain death. She wanted nothing more than for Mara to leave the Distributary forever, and so threw her full support into Mara's plan, then ordered the launch of nuclear weapons to destroy her fleet mid-departure.

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