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Imperial Engineer




Imperial Cabal


Artillery Maintenance


The Arrival

Combat information


Cabal Slug Launcher
Heavy Slug Thrower
Cabal Cluster Missiles


High Durability
Limited Flight
Blinding Effect
Slowness Debuff


Imperial Engineers are a powerful unit of Cabal Colossi who serve under the banner of the Imperial Cabal. Two of them are deployed to the newly-returned Mars to assist in assembling the massive anti-air cannon for use against Savathûn's ship, the Lure.[1]


The two Engineers are encountered in the The Arrival Mission; specifically, in the room with the lift inside the cannon. Both of them possess the the codes necessary for activating the lift and proceeding to the control room. When you arrive, you will find the first Colossus on the far left side of the room, protected by Cabal reinforcements. They wield a Heavy Slug Thrower, and will continuously fire at you and drain your health very quickly if you do not find cover. They can also launch a barrage of Cluster Missiles to slow down their enemies, and use a stomp attack if you get to close, causing significant damage. Once the first Engineer is dead and you have taken the Lift Override Codes that they drop, the second, armed with a Slug Launcher will arrive, along with more Cabal to back them up. After killing the second Colossus, you will be able to their codes and take the lift up to the control room.

When playing the mission on Normal difficulty, they are encountered as Major-tier enemies, and are observed wearing the same golden armor worn by most many high-ranking Colossi. On Legend difficulty, however, they appear as Ultras, and wear golden-brown armor with pouches around their waist; the same kind worn by Colossi in the first Destiny.


Major variant

Ultra variant

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