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Ghost scans are a feature introduced in The Taken King, and present in Rise of Iron and Destiny 2. When near a scannable object, the player can interact with it to send Ghost to scan it. After the scan is complete, Ghost will provide a brief commentary on the object.

The Taken King[edit]

  • Ghost scans do not have official titles, and to reduce the complexity of inventing and remembering relevant titles for each scan a simple system of reference has been used in this table of XXXX-YYYY-0000, where X is an abbreviation of the planetary location, YYYY represents the actual map on the aforementioned planet the scannable item is located, and 0000 is simply the number given to the scan purely as it was uploaded into this list and has no logical value beyond differentiating the different scans on the same map.
  • Hive and Taken are closely related, and as such until they are radically differentiated in the game and in the lore instead of being allied forces of the same faction as they are now, all Hive and Taken related entries are tagged under Hive to limit clutter and confusion.
  • Where multiple distinct parties are concerned within an entry, it is tagged as "Multiple." Where there is no clear subject or topic the scan is simply tagged as "Indeterminate."
  • Actual in-game dialogue and subtitles occasionally differ; where appropriate, in-game dialogue takes precedence.


Reference Title (unofficial) Mission/Patrol Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
PHO-FBK-1 The Coming War Phobos, Cliffside Cabal Ghost: "The Cabal detonated this ship after it crashed. Standard procedure when they're under attack. I think the last directive received was an evacuation order, but the Cabal have no word for 'evacuate'. All ships and personnel were directed to focus attack on enemies beyond Martian orbit."
PHO-FBK-2 The Coming War Phobos, Cliffside Cabal Ghost: "Skyburners regiment. Dead... Obviously. There are no other Guardians here. I wonder who put them down?"
PHO-FBK-3 The Coming War Phobos, Skyburner Keep Taken Ghost: "This membrane is attempting to form a bridge between dimensions, but I think it requires a living host."
PHO-FBK-4 The Coming War Phobos, Skyburner Keep Cabal Ghost: "Before the attack on the base, the Cabal deployed ships to investigate a threat beyond the Reef. The entire Cabal fleet is either in the air or destroyed. This base won't last long."
PHO-FBK-5 The Coming War Phobos, Skyburner Keep Hive Ghost: "This matches an image I collected from the World's Grave: A Dreadnaught. They don't exist in our system. I'll mark it for transmat to the Vanguard and hope we get a signal."
PHO-FBK-6 The Coming War Phobos, Skyburner Keep Cabal Ghost: "There's a notification from three days ago. A 'Primus Ta'aun' suspended all Phobos mining operations and recon pending investigation of a trans-Jovian threat."
PHO-FBK-7 The Coming War Phobos, Skyburner Keep Cabal Ghost: "They sent teams to investigate anomalous energy fluctuations across the base. None of the units reported back."
PHO-FBK-8 The Coming War Phobos, Skyburner Keep Cabal Ghost: "Cabal mining sites across Mars and Phobos have been hit. Losses to Blind Legion: 35%. Losses to Sand Eaters: 58%. Dust Giants: 39%. What is this?"

Cosmodrome, Earth[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Mission/Patrol Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
CSM-DVL-1 Cayde's Stash Cosmodrome, Devils' Lair Fallen Ghost: "Not all of these bones belong to Guardians who fell to Sepiks; some were pulled from the stasis pods and offered in sacrifice. That makes them older than the Collapse. Typically, the Fallen only use this ceremonial presentation for members of rival houses."
CSM-DVL-2 Cayde's Stash Cosmodrome, Devils' Lair Fallen Ghost: "Remember when Sepiks Prime was our biggest problem?"
CSM-DVL-3 Cayde's Stash Cosmodrome, Devil's Spire Cayde-6 Ghost: "A jack of spades?"

Cayde-6: "Yeah, I had a whole system to keep track of things. The royal cards stood for weapons: Spades meant Häkke, clubs for Crux/Lomar, diamonds for Omolon, and hearts... Well, hearts were for this girl I knew."

Ghost: "What was her name?"

Cayde-6: "Uh, don't you have a stealth drive to find?"

CSM-DVL-4 Cayde's Stash Cosmodrome, Devil's Spire Indeterminate (Master Chief Easter egg) Ghost: "Pod #10201. A Guardian with exceptional Light sealed himself inside. He's been in there for centuries. Before I found you, I tried to resurrect him, but he preferred to sleep. He said the last war was enough for a thousand lifetimes."
CSM-SEV-1 The Promethean Code Cosmodrome, Seraphim Vault Omnigul Ghost: "Cayde, your bypass codes aren't getting us through these doors."

Cayde-6: "Omnigul's screams have already been silenced. There's nothing in there but bad memories."

Eris Morn: "Rasputin will give only what you need. Nothing more."

Cayde-6: "Don't worry, the good stuff is below you. Keep moving."

CSM-BW4-1 The Promethean Code Cosmodrome, Bunker WAR-4 Fallen Ghost: "Some kind of monitoring station."

Cayde-6: "It's a surveillance port for the weapons test lab on the other side of the glass. There was an attempt to co-opt early Fallen technologies; not tremendously successful by most reports."

CSM-TM-1 The Promethean Code Cosmodrome, The Mine Rasputin Ghost: "This was the first station to come back online after the Collapse. Shortly after that Rasputin gained control over the entire facility, but it all started here. Maybe Rasputin didn't wake himself?"
CSM-TM-2 The Promethean Code Cosmodrome, The Mine Rasputin Ghost: "It took simultaneous retinal scans at each of these four stations to get beyond this point. The log shows access was granted multiple times over the span of hundreds of years, using the same pairs of eyes. Either the eyes belonged to the early Guardians, or something kept them preserved."
CSM-TM-3 The Promethean Code Cosmodrome, The Mine Rasputin Ghost: "Oryx views Rasputin as a threat. If we could gain control over his reach and wake all of the Warmind systems, we could see everything the Hive have hidden from us. No wonder they want Rasputin destroyed."

Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Mission/Patrol Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
DNT-TRN-1 The Dreadnaught Dreadnaught, Trenchway Hive Ghost: "The soul of a Hive is sleeping inside. The disciples of Osiris believe Ascendant Hive can be reborn in our realm when the time is right and with the sacrifice of lesser Hive souls. I think this one is marked for sacrifice."
DNT-TRN-2 The Dreadnaught Dreadnaught, Trenchway Hive Ghost: "According to the World's Grave, the Hive ingest these worms. Not for sustenance, but survival. Spores, moths, and worms... All things Earth's ancestors believed grew from the dead. Just a thought."
DNT-HOS-1 Patrol Dreadnaught, Hall of Souls Hive Ghost: "Another soul confined in crystal. I thought only Ascendant Hive bore the honor of being trapped in rock for centuries, but this is a lesser Hive. Must have been a hard worker."
DNT-HOS-2 The Dreadnaught Dreadnaught, Hall of Souls Osiris Ghost: "The output is consistent with my readings of the Shrine of Oryx on the moon. Osiris believed all of the shrines were connected and went looking for their nexus. I think we've found it. Did I tell you Osiris never returned?"
DNT-HB-1 Patrol Dreadnaught, Hull Breach Hive Ghost: "It's surging with the resonance of Taken energy. A Taken worm? I don't want to consider the implications."
DNT-HB-2 Patrol Dreadnaught, Hull Breach Hive Ghost: "Some believe the worms feed from these, though I've also heard it said that Hive worms are born of pure Darkness, and therefore strangers to the merits of digestion."
DNT-DE6-1 Enemy of My Enemy Dreadnaught, Dantalion Exodus VI Cabal Ghost: "Hmm... It looks like the Cabal are under the command of Primus Ta'aun, the commander of the Phobos garrison. Vanguard records say Ta'aun is bound to his brothers, Valus Tlu'urn and Valus Mau'ual. I bet they're here on the Dreadnaught somewhere."
DNT-DE6-2 Enemy of My Enemy Dreadnaught, Dantalion Exodus VI Cabal Ghost: "There's still enough power moving through this ship for it to take off."

Zavala: "They won't leave until they get what they came for. A lesson I learned the hard way with Valus Ta'aurc. He didn't know every dog had its day until he saw his last. These will too."

DNT-DE6-3 Enemy of My Enemy Dreadnaught, Dantalion Exodus VI Cabal Ghost: "I can't categorize all of the chemicals moving through these machines, but keep your helmet on. They could be toxic, and furthermore it stinks."
DNT-MAU-1 Patrol Dreadnaught, Mausoleum Hive Ghost: "Wherever these exist, there are signs of Hive worms. I wonder if they are used in their rituals of symbiosis."
DNT-MAU-2 Enemy of My Enemy Dreadnaught, Mausoleum Cabal Ghost: "This is one of their deployment bays, but according to this it was empty when they struck the Dreadnaught."

Zavala: "Didn't want to risk casualties. They need all available crew to find what they're looking for."

DNT-TAS-1 Regicide Dreadnaught, The Asylum Hive Ghost: "It was opened from the other side. I can't promise it leads to Oryx, but there's definitely something bad waiting."

Eris Morn: "Only Toland glimpsed the Ascendant Realm. He spoke of terrors beyond understanding. Some, you defeat... Some, you become."

Cayde-6: "Stick with the first one, Guardian."

DNT-TAS-2 Regicide Dreadnaught, The Asylum Hive Ghost: "The World's Grave tells of the chambers beyond this door, where the Hive contain the things they're afraid of. Fears they haven't yet weaponized."
DNT-TRN-3 Regicide Dreadnaught, Trenchway Hive Ghost: "The markings suggest this is a Hive god, but I don't recognize the symbol. Nothing in the World's Grave file, either. The name is... Nokris."
DNT-TRN-4 Regicide Dreadnaught, Trenchway Hive Ghost: "There are no markings that suggest a carving tool. They were assembled and crafted through some kind of Hive spell. I think this one represents Crota."
DNT-TRN-5 Regicide Dreadnaught, Trenchway Hive Ghost: "It's Oryx. These statues, everything here was created before Earth was formed. I wonder how many worlds Oryx has taken."

Ocean of Storms, the Moon[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Mission/Patrol Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
MN-CON-1 Lost to Light Moon, Chamber of Night Hive Ghost: "I've always wondered what chewed through these bones... There's no microbial life here capable of decomposing organic matter. I guess the Thrall are the closest thing the Moon has to flesh-eating bacteria."
MN-CON-2 Lost to Light Moon, Chamber of Night Hive Ghost: "Let me see if Toland's journal has anything..."

Toland: "These stones, always in their combat arenas... Do they have a strengthening function? Or are they mere legacy of a forgotten time and realm? The Hive never stopped honing their strength; they've missed the point of being dead. Hahaha... I've heard it said that 'That which does not kill you makes you stronger', but... What does this mean in the face of immortality?"

MN-CON-3 Lost to Light Moon, Chamber of Night Hive Ghost: "No one knows if bones like these belong to a Hive lifeform or some other race the Hive discovered, but Toland seemed to think they burrowed through the lunar rock to create this fortress."
MN-TOC-1 Lost to Light Moon, Temple of Crota Hive Ghost: "Doors used to be so simple... I'll search the journal."

Toland: "It has long been my belief that the binds which hold the gravest Hive terrors could be lifted by releasing the energy stored within their tomb husks."

MN-TOC-2 Lost to Light Moon, Temple of Crota Fallen Ghost: "The Fallen left their dirty fingerprints all over this door. What were they doing here? We just missed them."
MN-TOC-3 Lost to Light Moon, Temple of Crota Hive Ghost: "This is the only Hive launch site we've ever discovered, but there hasn't been a report of a seeder taking off or landing on Earth since Crota was destroyed. This one's been recently activated. Oryx hasn't given up on a Hive infestation of Earth."
MN-OST-1 Last Rites Moon, Oversoul Throne Hive Ghost: "It's a dimensional lock. As long as the turbine is stationary, this place and everything in it exists in only one realm. This must be how Oryx moves between dimensions."
MN-OST-2 Last Rites Moon, Oversoul Throne Hive Ghost: "The symbol of Crota. I don't know the derivation or its meaning. To me it says, 'We're going the wrong way,' but, as usual, I'm just following you."

Destiny 2[edit]

  • Almost all of these scans are taken from a human Hunter character aligned with Dead Orbit, except the scans noted as requiring an Exo. Some scans are confirmed to react differently depending on whether or not the player is a Human/Awoken or an Exo (NE-TAN-1, and IO-TBC-2), or is aligned with Dead Orbit, Future War Cult or the New Monarchy factions (SPECIAL series 1-4). The Veteran status of a player profile affects scans and mission dialogue, with some scans such as NE-MST-3 assuming canonical completion by The Guardian (not the player themselves) of end game content such as the Trials of Osiris. Scans with multiple variations are prefixed with a " \ " allowing all variable texts to be grouped together in searches under this \ prefix.

The Farm, Earth[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Patrol Accessible Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
TF-1 Yes The Farm Traveler Ghost: "A shard of the Traveler. I can't find any record of why it's here, or how it got here. We're a long way from the City, you know. I want to believe it's here for a reason. For us."
The Farm 1.png
TF-2 Yes The Farm Devrim Kay Ghost: "Devrim spent years defending the City from places just like this along the Wall. I can see why he found this spot comforting."
Farm 2.PNG
TF-3 Yes The Farm Hawthorne Ghost: "If Hawthorne hadn't been out there in the wilds, on the lookout for people escaping the City... Well, I'm glad we met her. Who knows where we'd be now?"
Farm 3.PNG
TF-4 Yes The Farm Indeterminate Ghost: "Look at this. I've heard some of the civilians talk about settling down out here once the fighting stops. I'm not sure that's such a good idea, but... You can't argue with the view."
Farm 4.PNG

European Dead Zone, Earth[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Patrol Accessible Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
EDZ-TL-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Trostland Fallen \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "The Fallen hid this one pretty well. I guess after we beat them up during the SIVA crisis they'd want to give us as wide a berth as possible."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: A forgotten crate / Hidden away in shadow / Probably empty

EDZ-TL-1.2 NV.png
EDZ-TL-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Trostland Fallen Ghost: "Some interesting data in these things... Hmm. I think they came all the way from Venus with the old House of Winter."
EDZ-TL-3 Yes European Dead Zone, Trostland Fallen Ghost: The Fallen must have tucked it away in here and forgotten about it. I'm getting... Oh. These supplies were originally from the Tower."
EDZ-TL-4 Yes European Dead Zone, Trostland Fallen \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "This is the House of Judgment sigil. We used to work with a Fallen who flew this banner."

Devrim: "Curious. Well, the Fallen seem to have put this up as a bit of a threat. I imagine you'll find lots of objects like this out there with a bit of a story to them."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "This is a Fallen House sigil. I don't recognize it, though."

Devrim: "Nor I. The Fallen seem to have put it up as something of a threat. I imagine you'll find lots of objects like this out there with a bit of a story to them."

EDZ-TL 4.2.1 NV.png
EDZ-TL-5 Yes European Dead Zone, Trostland Fallen Ghost: "Who knows why these banners are placed anymore? The Fallen Houses held them together for a long time. Now it's just... Cloth."
EDZ-SM-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Salt Mine Fallen Ghost: "These House banners are rare on the ground these days. Between the Guardians and the Cabal, they've buried a lot of the old grudges. All four hands on deck."
EDZ-SM-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Salt Mine Fallen Ghost: "I'm not detecting any Ether. The Servitors keep the Fallen going with that stuff. Bet they took it all before they moved on."
EDZ-SM-3 Yes European Dead Zone, Salt Mine Fallen \

Variant 1

Ghost: "This terminal was first powered on in the Cosmodrome during the SIVA crisis. Maybe we shouldn't get too close.

Variant 2

Ghost: "They were using this terminal to control the elevator. No wonder it almost crushed us into Guardian and Ghost soup."

EDZ-MVS-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Maevic Square Fallen Ghost: "Hmm, Fallen comms. They're using this as a kind of beacon. I guess not everybody in the old Houses got the memo."
EDZ-MVS-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Maevic Square Fallen Ghost: "An empty Fallen cache. Hmm. They must be bringing in supplies from all their old hidey-holes in order to survive out here."
EDZ-MVS-3 Yes European Dead Zone, Maevic Square Fallen \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "An arc spear. We thought the House Fallen were bad, but it's hard to imagine a haughty House of Kings guy rushing at us with one of these."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "A depleted arc spear from one of those stabby guys. The Fallen have always had it bad, but they've really started to get desperate, huh?"

EDZ-MS 3.2 NV.png
EDZ-OS-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Outskirts Fallen Ghost: "Another Fallen antenna, all the way out here. They're desperate to get everyone they can together. Interesting..."
EDZ-OS-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Outskirts Fallen \

D1 Veteran Acount

Ghost: "I've never seen a Servitor this... Tiny. I wonder if it was a prototype for old Sepiks? Like... Sepiks Beta. Sepiks Inferior? Anyway..."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "This is some kind of... Prototype for a Servitor. Abandoned next to a rock. Promise me you won't let me end up like this."

EDZ-OS 2.1 NV.png
EDZ-OS-3 Yes European Dead Zone, Outskirts Multiple \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "Supplies marked for the House of Judgment... I wonder what happened to Variks. You think the Reef survived the Red Legion?"

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "More abandoned supplies. Huh... The Fallen are harder to clear out than cockroaches!"

EDZ-OS-3.2 NV.png
EDZ-OS-4 Yes European Dead Zone, Outskirts Fallen \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "What was that giant Shank made up of Servitor parts called? S.A.B.E.R.-2, right? I wonder if you can make a giant Servitor from a bag of Shank parts."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "Is that... A sack full of Shanks? What do you think they're going to do with all that tech? Can you make a big Shank from a bunch of little Shanks?"

EDZ-OS 4.2 NV.png
EDZ-OS-5 Yes European Dead Zone, Outskirts Fallen Ghost: "I used to think the Fallen worshipped machines, but this doesn't look very worshipful, does it? Maybe they've got bigger worries these days..."
EDZ-SJC-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Sojourner's Camp Fallen Ghost: "I wonder if these supplies fell out of a Fallen skiff. Or a ketch. Fallen names are so ugly. Dreg. Wretch. There are other things besides short vowels and plosives, you know."
EDZ-SJC-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Sojourner's Camp Fallen Ghost: "More Fallen transmission data. I'm... Well, this is weird. I'm seeing some file headers with Awoken symbology? What's that about?"
EDZ-SJC-3 Yes European Dead Zone, Sojourner's Camp Fallen Ghost: "The Fallen used to worship the Servitors like gods. I wonder what they think of their machines now that they're down and out in the EDZ?"
EDZ-WC-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Winding Cove Fallen Ghost: "This antenna was used on the Fallen network less than a year ago. It relayed a signal out past Saturn. I wonder if they knew about Nessus before we did?"
EDZ-WC-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Winding Cove Fallen Ghost: "I think the Fallen must have taken this from the Farm. Everybody has it bad out in the EDZ."
EDZ-FBH-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Firebase Hades Multiple Ghost: "Looks like an improvised explosive device set up by the Fallen. They hate the Cabal as much as we do."
EDZ-FBH-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Firebase Hades Cabal Ghost: "Scanning... Hmm. I'm picking up trace elements from a half dozen planets on this thing. The Cabal sure do get to travel, don't they?"
EDZ-FBH-3 Yes European Dead Zone, Firebase Hades Cabal Ghost: "Why would you store refueling information in a remote access point all the way up here? I swear, I will never understand Cabal architecture."
EDZ-FBH-4 Yes European Dead Zone, Firebase Hades Fallen Ghost: "Fallen comms, still trying to reach their brothers and sisters. Some of these headers are still marked with House sigils. House of Devils, House of Wolves..."
EDZ-ANCHOR-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Legion's Anchor Cabal Ghost: "The Cabal used to be those cranky jerks out on Mars. Now their war machine is all over Earth. Someday we'll get them out of the system. Right?"
EDZ-TS-1 Yes European Dead Zone, The Sludge Collapse Ghost: "A power box for an underground security system. I guess it wasn't enough to protect against the Collapse. And the Fallen. And the Hive. And the Taken. And the Red Legion. But I bet it worked pretty well against bears."
EDZ-TS-2 Yes European Dead Zone, The Sludge Traveler Ghost: "There's still some kind of energy in this shard, but... Different from what we use. I still don't understand how the corruption and the Traveler's power can coexist so strongly... But I guess there's a lot we don't understand."
EDZ-TS-3 Yes European Dead Zone, The Sludge Collapse Ghost: "The emergency light is still working, but the rest of this tech fizzled out a long time ago. I wonder how many people escaped after the Collapse."
EDZ-TG-1 Yes European Dead Zone, The Gulch Traveler Ghost: "The power in this tiny piece... It's amazing. And to think it's been out here this whole time. Just waiting. "
EDZ-TG-2 Yes European Dead Zone, The Gulch Fallen Ghost: "A prototype, or the runt of the litter? Or are the Archon Priests trying out new shell designs... "
EDZ-TG-3 Yes European Dead Zone, The Gulch Cabal Ghost: "I can see some of the data going through this thing. The Red Legion at the base are talking to soldiers on Mars, Venus, Nessus... They're everywhere."
EDZ-TNL-1 Yes European Dead Zone, The Tunnels Cabal Ghost: "I think it's a modification for an air filtration system, which is a modification on top of the generator. But the Cabal don't breath our atmosphere, so... Why did they build it in the first place?"
EDZ Tunnel 1.PNG
EDZ-TNL-2 Yes European Dead Zone, The Tunnels Cabal Ghost: "This base is typical Cabal: Trying to do everything all at once, and doing none of it well. Ikora said once that, 'When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.' I guess the Cabal prefer to bury the nail under a mountain of hammers."
EDZ-SI-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Sunken Isles Cabal Ghost: "Hmm, interesting. Some of the trace signatures here match readings from the Psions. Maybe these supplies originated on the Psion homeworld."
EDZ-SI-2 Yes European Dead Zone, Sunken Isles Cabal Ghost: "(sigh) A great example of how the Legion works. Their technology is as brutal as they are. Conquer, control, and then pave it over."
EDZ Sunken Isles 2.PNG
EDZ-SI-3 Yes European Dead Zone, Sunken Isles Cabal Ghost: "Ugh, look at this. Why would you make machinery so ugly? Technology doesn't have to be like this, you know. Just look at me!"
EDZ Sunken Isles 3.PNG
EDZ-ECHION-1 Yes European Dead Zone, Echion Hold Cabal Ghost: "This component was shipped here from the Dantalion Exodus. Remember? That big Cabal ship that crashed into the Dreadnaught. I guess we found out where its distress signal went."

New Pacific Arcology, Titan[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Patrol Accessible Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
TM-SD-1 Yes Titan (moon), Sinking Docks Collapse Ghost: "A Golden Age console... And a user is still logged in. Leilani Valero, Marine Tech #426. She was in the middle of logging an emergency of some kind."
TM Sinking Docks 1.PNG
TM-SD-2 Yes Titan (moon), Sinking Docks Hive Ghost: "It's a... Cocoon of some kind. The life inside it isn't Hive, exactly. This could be how the Hive's symbiont worms grow."
TM Sinking Docks 2.PNG
TM-SD-3 Yes Titan (moon), Sinking Docks Hive Ghost: "The gravity on Titan is approximately 1.352 meters per second squared, except here. These floating rocks must be a residual effect from some Hive magic."
TM Sinking Docks 3.PNG
TM-SW-1 Yes Titan (moon), Siren's Watch Fallen Ghost: "A Fallen antenna. Hmm... The Fallen Houses each used to have their own unique encryption, but now the codes they're using are all variants of the House of Kings."
TM Sirens watch 1.PNG
TM-SW-2 Yes Titan (moon), Siren's Watch Collapse Ghost: "From this console, a Golden Age technician locked down the shipyard and forbade all future arrivals. The entire arcology was undergoing an emergency evacuation. She signed off... I wonder if she made it out."
TM Sirens Watch 2.PNG
TM-SW-3 Yes Titan (moon), Siren's Watch Indeterminate Ghost: "This system used to detect underwater vessels looking to dock at the shipyard. That's strange. It still works... And it's picking something up. Something below us... And very, very big."
TM Sirens watch 3.PNG
TM-SW-4 Yes Titan (moon), Siren's Watch Fallen Ghost: "A broken Servitor. These parts are extremely valuable. The Hive corrosion must be really bad for the Fallen to abandon it like this."
TM Sirens Watch 4.PNG
TM-RIG-1 Yes Titan (moon), The Rig New Pacific Arcology Ghost: "The idea was that the facility produced zero waste. Everything organic ended up as fertilizer, and everything else got used in manufacturing. Grand plans... That didn't pan out."
TM The Rig 1.PNG
TM-RIG-2 Yes Titan (moon), The Rig Fallen \

D1 Veteran Account:

Ghost: "Skolas tried to unite the Fallen Houses, but failed. Who would have thought that sheer desperation would succeed where he failed."

Non-veteran Account:

Ghost: "This receiver is pointed at the Fallen homeworld light-years away, but it hasn't picked up any messages. Just... Silence."

TM The Rig 2.PNG
TM-RIG-3 Yes Titan (moon), The Rig Hive Ghost: "Yet another strain of Hive. They're doing an awful lot of testing out here. Trying new things with magic and... ugh... breeding."
TM The Rig 3.PNG
TM-RIG-4 Yes Titan (moon), The Rig Fallen \

D1 Veteran Account:

Ghost: "The Fallen need Servitors to provide them with Ether. Unless they've found a replacement, like SIVA. Gosh, I hope there's no SIVA on Titan."

Non-veteran Account:

Ghost: "The Fallen depend on their Servitors to provide a substance called Ether, but this one's been picked clean of Ether and abandoned."

TM The Rig 4.PNG
TM-RIG-5 Yes Titan (moon), The Rig Hyperion Ghost: "Shipping manifest. Hm... Looks like they traded frequently with a settlement... Wow. Way out there. It's called... Hyperion. Huh."
TM The Rig 5.PNG
TM-TA-1 Yes Titan (moon), Tidal Anchor Multiple Ghost: "Looks like the Fallen tried to chain it closed. A for effort, guys, but I'm not sure this is how we're going to beat the Hive."
TM Tidal Anchor 1.PNG
TM-TA-2 Yes Titan (moon), Tidal Anchor Hive Ghost: "It seems like these floating stones mark places where the Hive have weakened the line between our world and theirs. Bet all the weird magic they have out here comes from sources like this."
TM Tidal Anchor 2.png
TM-SOL-1 Yes Titan (moon), Solarium New Pacific Arcology Ghost: "Screen's dead, but the feed's still running. Ooh, kind of a catchy jingle. 'New Pacific Arcology! The next frontier is you.'"
TM Solarium 1.PNG
TM-ARB-1 Yes Titan (moon), Arboretum New Pacific Arcology Ghost: "This looks like a camera. I wonder if... No, the data is all corrupted. It's as if the operating system has short-term memory loss. It forgets what it sees a few minutes after it happens."
TM Arboretum 1.PNG
TM-ARB-2 Yes Titan (moon), Arboretum New Pacific Arcology Ghost: "The screen is broken, but the data flow is intact. It's streaming some kind of commercial, talking about all the wonders of living on the 'new frontier of humanity.' Heuh."
TM Arboretum 2.PNG
TM-ARB-3 Yes Titan (moon), Arboretum New Pacific Arcology Ghost: "The Arboretum's crop yields: 20 tons of pomefigs. 12 tons of kiwicumbers. 12 tons of pineapples. Pine... Apples? What a weird idea for a fruit."
TM Arboretum 3.PNG
TM-FH-1 Yes Titan (moon), Festering Halls Hive Ghost: "These Hive spawn pods are different from the ones we saw before. Maybe a different brood. Or a different generation. Gross and confusing."
TM Festering Halls 1.PNG
TM-FH-2 Yes Titan (moon), Festering Halls Hive \

D1 Veteran Account:

Ghost: "We saw this rune before, on the Dreadnaught. It means either 'doorway', or 'treasure', or 'chamber.' Perhaps the Hive use this rune to tap into their Throne-world dimensions."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "Hive runes draw their power from a different dimension, where there's no difference between a word and its meaning. When the Hive erode the barrier between our dimension and theirs, the rune for "death" brings literal death."

TM Festering Halls 2.PNG
TM-FH-3 Yes Titan (moon), Festering Halls New Pacific Arcology Ghost: "The Arcology's operating system isn't very smart. Nothing even close to an A.I. Lots of entries here, different names. It may not have had a personality, but it made living here better for a lot of people."
Tm Festering Halls 3.PNG

Arcadian Valley, Nessus[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Patrol Accessible Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
NE-AE-1 Yes Nessus, Artifact's Edge Vex Ghost: "This is like a... Cornerstone of Nessus, put here by the Vex to mark linear time. It's been 127 of our years since Nessus last traveled through our system. I don't know how many Vex years that is."
NE Artefacts Edge 1.PNG
NE-HAL-1 Yes Nessus, Hallows Multiple \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "For a second I thought there was some kind of SIVA outbreak on Nessus. That would be bad on so many levels. How 'bout we never see that stuff again?"

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "We came all the way up here, and this access point won't even let me into the Vex network. I guess we should take that as a sign."

NE Hallows 1.PNG
NE Hallows 1.2 Non Vet.png
NE-HAL-2 Yes Nessus, Hallows Vex Ghost: "Even broken Vex gates are pretty interesting. This one is emitting radio waves. I can almost... Okay... Somehow the Vex are listening to classic rock from the Golden Age. They're death robots with good taste in music."
NE Hallows 2.PNG
NE-HAL-2 Yes Nessus, Hallows Multiple Ghost: "The Vex never leave decommissioned units out in the open like this. Claw marks around the fluid chamber... I think the Fallen drained this construct. Huh."
NE Hallows 3.png
NE-SC-1 Yes Nessus, Sunken Cavern Vex Ghost: "Emergency offsite data storage for the Vex, but it's missing too many components to function. Too bad - I hear Ikora was looking for a weird, hovering static chronodrive to add to her office collection."
NE Sunken Cavern 1.PNG
NE-SC-2 Yes Nessus, Sunken Cavern Vex Ghost: "They sure put this one out of the way. I was able to access their network for two cycles before they booted me. All I got was something about... Endless trees. Or... Forest? Weird."
NE Sunken Cavern 2.PNG
NE-CST-1 Yes Nessus, The Cistern Vex Ghost: "This particle beam is responsible for holding this entire structure together! How do the Vex... No, don't think too hard about it. I'm still defragging from the last time I tried to figure out their physics."
NE The Cistern 1.PNG
NE-CST-2 Yes Nessus, The Cistern Vex Ghost: "Putting a security node this close to a radiolarian waterfall is such an obvious trick to get us to fall off. Those Vex, always the clever architects."
NE The Cistern 2.PNG
NE-CST-3 Yes Nessus, The Cistern Vex Ghost: "This crystal has an energy signature, but... It's here... And also halfway across the planetoid. I think it fell into a Vex gate and got half-teleported. Kind of like what happened to Cayde."
NE The Cistern 3.PNG
NE-CST-4 Yes Nessus, The Cistern Vex Ghost: "A Conflux that's directly connected to Mars. The Vex there are having a heck of a time with the Red Legion, it seems like: 'Garden Gate gone. Bay lost. Bastion fallen.' Huh."
NE The Cistern 4.PNG
NE-CST-5 Yes Nessus, The Cistern Fallen Ghost: "A random Fallen spear, a long way from an owner. This'd be a lonely place to run into the Vex without backup."
NE-POL-1 Yes Nessus, Pools of Luminance Vex Ghost: "There's nothing special about this crystal shard. ...Well, other than it being buried in a radiolarian vapor cloud that carries the energy readings of six stars. I guess that's pretty special."
NE Pools of Luminance.PNG
NE-POL-2 Yes Nessus, Pools of Luminance Vex Ghost: "In some simulation of some far distant future on some alternate version on Nessus this energy beam might serve some purpose that we understand. ...Not here, though."
NE Pools of Luminance 2.PNG
NE-GE-1 Yes Nessus, Glade of Echoes Fallen Ghost: "This Arc Spear was never used. Just leaning against a Golden Age agriculture container forever. I'm not sure the Fallen were really ready for what they found out here. I can relate."
NE Glade of Echoes 1.PNG
NE-GE-2 Yes Nessus, Glade of Echoes Exodus Black Ghost: "Hmm, this must be scrap from the Exodus Black. Antennas like this were installed on colony ships for last minute ionospheric composition during landings."
NE Glade of Echoes 2.PNG
NE-GE-3 Yes Nessus, Glade of Echoes Exodus Black Ghost: "The Vex don't usually display trophies, but I can't see any other reason for why this device is here. Something related to the crash of the Exodus Black? What a bunch of jerks."
NE Glade of Echoes 3.PNG
NE-GE-4 Yes Nessus, Glade of Echoes Fallen Ghost: "Someone tried to reforge this conductive metal into... I'm not sure what. It must have been the Fallen, which means they thought it was valuable."
NE Glade of Echoes 4.PNG
NE-GE-5 Yes Nessus, Glade of Echoes Multiple Ghost: "The surface of this Goblin was oxidized by some kind of Fallen energy weapon. Always interesting to see how such different races interact at a technological level. In this case, mostly they were trying to melt each other. But you get me."
NE Glade of Echoes 5.PNG
NE-EXB-1 Yes Nessus, Exodus Black Fallen Ghost: "This thing is full of Ether, but it's been... Diluted somehow. Maybe a byproduct of the weird atmosphere on Nessus... Or maybe things are more dire for the Fallen than we thought."
NE Exodus Black 1.PNG
NE-EXB-2 Yes Nessus, Exodus Black Failsafe Ghost: "This Servitor shorted out when it tried to interface with the Exodus Black's network and then limped out here to shut down. It looks like Failsafe wasn't gentle."
NE Exodus Black 2.PNG
NE-EXB-3 Yes Nessus, Exodus Black Fallen Ghost: "Wonder what the Fallen are planning to do with these? Some kind of remote probes to study the Vex? Raw materials for something?"
NE Exodus Black 3.PNG
NE-EXB-4 Yes Nessus, Exodus Black Failsafe Ghost: "The Fallen set up this terminal for remote access to the Exodus Black's security system. I could have told them that wouldn't work. Bet Failsafe had fun with them, though."
NE Exodus Black 4.PNG
NE-EXB-5 Yes Nessus, Exodus Black Failsafe Ghost: "Why set up a terminal this far from the Exodus Black? Must have been some sort of last-ditch effort by Failsafe's crew. Poor folks."
NE Exodus Black 5.PNG
NE-CSKY-1 Yes Nessus, Chamber of Sky Vex Ghost: "This isn't like other Vex technology I've seen. I think it's a relic from past iterations. Or maybe... future... iterations. You can never tell with the Vex."
NE Chamber of Sky.PNG
NE-WG-1 Yes Nessus, Watcher's Grave Nine \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "This reminds me of one of Xur's Strange Coins. A big one. Come to think of it, do we even know where Strange Coins come from?"

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "It may look like a big creepy eyeball, but I'm pretty sure this is just a Vex exhaust receptacle. Just... Don't touch it."

NE Watcher's Grave 1.PNG
NE Watcher's Grave 1.2 NV.png
NE-WG-2 Yes Nessus, Watcher's Grave Multiple Ghost: "Looks like the Vex didn't like the Fallen moving in on their territory. Interesting that they'd smash a Servitor instead of trying to convert it."
NE Watcher's Grave 2.PNG
NE-WG-3 Yes Nessus, Watcher's Grave Vex \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "Hezen Protective. But I thought they were only deployed on Venus. Does this mean different Vex units have started traveling through gates? That's... Not great."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "A gold-plated Vex? We'd better not tell Cayde. He'd come all the way out here just to melt it down and make it into a pistol."

NE Watcher's Grave 3.PNG
NE Watcher's Grave 3.2 NV.png
NE-CW-1 Yes Nessus, Chamber of Water Vex \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "I'm getting some weird readings from this conflux. Hey, remember the old Vault of Glass? There are some fractured headers here marked 'Aetheon.' 'Sekrion.' 'Theosyion.'

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "I don't know why the Vex would put a Conflux all the way up here, unless it was for the view... But the Vex aren't really big on aesthetics. Hmm."

NE Chamber of Water 1.PNG
NEChamber of Water 1 Newbie.jpeg
NE-TAN-1 Yes Nessus, The Tangle Vex \

Human/Awoken Variant

Ghost: "This Conflux is specifically attuned to Exo programming. But why would the Vex have access to... Oh. It must be Cayde."

Exo Variant

Ghost: "Aah! I think this Conflux reacted to your Exo body... and then it burned out. Is there some connection between Exos and Vex? That can't be."

NE The Tangle 1.PNG
NE The Tangle 1.2.png
NE-TAN-2 Yes Nessus, The Tangle Vex Ghost: "I'm getting some interesting signals here. This thing is connecting to... Something. Opposite Mercury's orbit, on the far side of the Sun. What's out there?"
NE The Tangle 2.PNG
NE-TAN-3 Yes Nessus, The Tangle Vex Ghost: "The readings off of this construct... If I'm reading this right, it's been all across the galaxy. And I thought we were well-traveled."
NE The Tangle 3.PNG
NE-TAN-4 Yes Nessus, The Tangle Vex Ghost: "If I'm reading this right, when the Vex first installed them there were over two hundred of these here. But as the conversion process went along, they all got... Absorbed."
NE The Tangle 4.PNG
NE-TAN-5 Yes Nessus, The Tangle Vex \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "If I'm reading this right, there are... other Gardens. Like, Black Garden Gardens. I couldn't tell if they were being built, or were already destroyed. What does it mean?"

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "All the foliage around this access point is somehow augmenting its firewall. I thought the trees were mostly organic, but... Just add this to the pile of things we don't understand about the Vex."

NE The Tangle 5.PNG
NE The Tangle 5.2 Non Vet.png
NE-CSTN-1 Yes Nessus, Chamber of Stone Vex Ghost: "Okay, so this Gate is too small for a Hydra to fit through. But according to this, dozens of Hydras passed through before it broke down. So either the Gate got smaller at some point, or there are hundreds of tiny Hydras out there somewhere."
NE Chamber of Stone 1.PNG
NE-MST-1 Yes Nessus, The Mists Vex Ghost: "This device is ordinarily used to shield a Vex Gate, but not anymore. It looks like a buckler from the stories they used to tell in the City. The really old stories, before we even knew what a Vex was."
NE The Mists 1.PNG
NE-MST-2 Yes Nessus, The Mists Vex Ghost: "I think they're running a test to see if they can get this thing to self-replicate. And failing, thank goodness. If the Vex were able to manipulate matter THAT easily, we'd be in a lot more trouble."
NE THe mists 2.PNG
NE-MST-3 Yes Nessus, The Mists Osiris \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "This crystal is made of the same material as the Lighthouse on Mercury. Remember the first time we went there? I wonder if it's still out there."

Non-veteran Account


NE The Mists 3.PNG
NE-PD-1 No (Exodus Crash) Nessus, Prodromus Down Exodus Black Ghost: "This antenna snapped off an escape shuttle... That didn't do a great job of escaping. No one made it out of the Exodus Black before it went down. There must be crashed shuttles all over Nessus."
NE Prodromus Down.PNG
NE-PD-2 No (Exodus Crash) Nessus, Prodromus Down Exodus Black Ghost: "The identification signatures are scrambled, but there was some kind of VIP on this shuttle when it went down. Maybe she was going to be a governor or something. Now she's the Mayor of Vex Town."
NE-X77-1 No (Exodus Crash) Nessus, EX-077 Command Fallen Ghost: "This thing is still online, and it's connected to Fallen comms on Titan... And in the EDZ. But... those are the only places I'm seeing. Nothing on the Moon, or Venus, or Mars. Did the Red Legion wipe them out?"
NE EX-077 Command.PNG

Echo Mesa, Io[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Patrol Accessible Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
IO-TR-1 Yes Io, The Rupture Hive Ghost: "I don't think the Taken will go without a leader for long. Someone will try to take control. But when they do... We'll be there to stop them."
IO The Rupture 1.PNG
IO-TR-2 Yes Io, The Rupture Vex Ghost: "Do... Do you really think the Vex can time travel? If they can time travel, why are we here? Wouldn't they have just... ach, not worth thinking about."
IO The Rupture 2.PNG
IO-TR-3 Yes Io, The Rupture Traveler Ghost: "I read once that the Traveler is the most studied object in Human history. The people of the Golden Age tracked its movements from planet to planet, trying to understand everything they could."
IO The Rupture 3.PNG
IO-TR-4 Yes Io,The Rupture Saint-14 Ghost: "There's Light radiating out from the ruins of that gate. Someone powerful must have made quite the impression on the Vex."
Io The Rupture 4.PNG
IO-TR-5 Yes Io, The Rupture Vex Ghost: "Every bit of their tech is part of the conversion process, according to Asher's notes. A whole race dedicated to one thing. But why?"
IO the rupture 5.PNG
IO-TEG-1 Yes Io, The Endless Gate Indeterminate Ghost: "It's an orrery - a model of our solar system. I bet someone left it here as a momento of their pilgrimage."
IO-The Endless Gate 1.PNG
IO-LO-1 Yes Io, Lost Oasis Asher Mir Ghost: "Must be more stuff Asher left behind. You know, before the accident he used to go out on fireteams? Can you imagine running a strike with him?"
IO Lost Oasis 1.PNG
IO-LO-2 Yes Io, Lost Oasis Hive Ghost: "I hate these things. I know it's beyond your range of hearing, but they whisper, and whisper..."
IO lost oasis 2.PNG
IO-LO-3 Yes Io, Lost Oasis Exo Stranger \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "I wonder whatever happened to that Exo who warned us about the Black Garden? I hope she's okay."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "I've heard rumors that the Exo were created to fight a war against the Vex. We should ask Cayde if he knows anything about it."

IO Lost Oasis 3.PNG
IO-LO-4 Yes Io, Lost Oasis Ikora Rey Ghost: "Ikora must have been here at some point. Came up here to meditate about the nature of the Light, and the Traveler. There are so many questions we don't have answered."
IO Lost Oasis 4.PNG
IO-LO-5 Yes Io, Lost Oasis Hive Ghost: "The War against the Taken was hard-fought, but at least it never reached the City. Can you imagine these things down in the Wards? Ugh."
IO Lost Oasis 5.PNG
IO-SB-1 Yes Io, Spine Burrows Osiris Ghost: "Someone carved something here... It says, 'O, let Time not deceive you, you cannot conquer Time.' Huh."
IO Spine Burrows 1.PNG
IO-SB-2 Yes Io, Spine Burrows Vex Ghost: "I read... maybe something from the Cryptarchs? ...A theory that the Vex are actually that goo in their bellies. The constructs are just exoskeletons that drive them around."
IO Spine Burrows 2.PNG
IO-TBC-1 Yes Io, Terrabase Charon Vex \

D1 Veteran Account

Ghost: "I'm detecting a faint connection here to... huh. The Vault of Glass. Remember Kabr? Pahanin. Praedyth..."

Non-veteran Account

Ghost: "Guardians who make a mark on the Vex become legends. Kabr. Pahanin. Praedyth. Osiris..."

IO Terrabase Charon 1.PNG
IO-TBC-2 Yes Io, Terrabase Charon Vex \

Human/Awoken Variant

Ghost: "I'm reading modern encryption here. Someone's been tampering with this access point to allow Exos to interface with the Vex network."

Exo Variant

Ghost: "Don't touch that thing! It looks like this access point has been modified to allow Exos to interface with the Vex Network. Let's just. Leave it alone, for now."

IO Terrabase Charon 2.PNG
Io Terrabase Charon 2.2.png
IO-TBC-3 Yes Io, Terrabase Charon Hive Ghost: "This is sending out some kind of resonant signal. The same syllables, over and over: Sa... Va... Thun..."
IO Terrabase Charon 3.PNG
IO-TBC-4 Yes Io, Terrabase Charon Vex Ghost: "The Vex never stop, do they? There are as many theories of why they do what they do as there are cryptarchs in the Cryptarchy."
IO Terrabase Charon 4.PNG
IO-TBC-5 Yes Io, Terrabase Charon Cabal Ghost: "Huh. How strange. This is Vex technology for sure, but it looks so... Primitive. They must have mimicked the design from some time in the far past."
IO Terrabase Charon 5.PNG
IO-GS-1 Yes Io, Giant's Scar Vex Ghost: "The Vex transformation process sure leaves some weird artifacts behind. If we let them, they'd have this whole place looking like Nessus, or Mercury!"
IO Giant's Scar 1.PNG
IO-GS-2 Yes Io, Giant's Scar Vex Ghost: "I'm taking some background readings here. Past connections include Mercury, Venus, Mars... Seems about right. The Vex sure do like to make themselves at home."
IO Giant's Scar 2.PNG
IO-GS-3 Yes Io, Giant's Scar Asher Mir Ghost: "Looks like Asher might have come through here to do field work. You know, you'd think the City's foremost expert on the Vex would be... Neater."
IO Giant's Scar 3.PNG
IO-GS-4 Yes Io, Giant's Scar Hive Ghost: "I swear I just saw something look back at us through that thing. The Taken do not live in a nice neighborhood."
IO Giant's Scar 4.PNG
IO-GS-5 Yes Io, Giant's Scar Vex Ghost: "Even passive, their gates give off the strangest readings. I'm reading exotic particles from... Wow. That is a long, long way from here."
IO Giant's Scar 5.PNG
IO-JYS-1 No (Fury/Arecibo) Io, Warmind Vault JYS-2 Rasputin Ghost: "The Warmind Network used to span across the entire solar system. I guess during the Collapse, it just... Fragmented."
IO Warmind Vault JYS-2 1.PNG
IO-JYS-2 No (Fury/Arecibo) Io, Warmind Vault JYS-2 Bray family, (Ana Bray?) Ghost: "Looks like this thing used to store files. Someone by the name of Bray scrubbed the data."
IO Warmind Vault JYS-2 2.PNG
IO-JYS-3 No (Fury/Arecibo) Io, Warmind Vault JYS-2 Rasputin Ghost: "Ikora liked to say the Warminds were our only real link to Earth's history. Life with the Traveler, during the Golden Age. Pre-Collapse."
IO Warmind Vault JYS-2 3.PNG
IO-WM-1 Yes Io, Wraith Mines Hive Ghost: "Another Taken portal. I... Uh... I'm getting an active scan signal through there. I think something's watching us."
IO Wraith Mines 1.PNG
IO-WM-2 Yes Io, Wraith Mines Hive Ghost: "That blight is emitting ultrasonic resonances, over and over. Sounds like this: Eir. Ur. Yul. Xol."
IO Wraith Mines 2.PNG
IO-WM-3 Yes Io, Wraith Mines Hive Ghost: "I think these blights are like transmitters. They're either calling out to something, or... Letting something whisper to the Taken here on Io."
IO Wraith Mines 3.PNG
IO-EXS-1 Yes Io, Excavation Site-II Hive Ghost: "Ascendant Realm readings in spades here. Down the line this could be another one of those weird portals. The Taken are so strange."
IO Excavation Site II 1.PNG
IO-EXS-2 Yes Io, Excavation Site-II Hive Ghost: "Listen. It sounds like... It sounds like someone's whispering in there. Over and over. Eugh."
IO Excavation Site-II 2.PNG
IO-EXS-3 Yes Io, Excavation Site-II Hive Ghost: I'm detecting... I think this is sending a message back to the Ascendant Realm. But who's listening?
IO Excavation Site-II 3.png
IO-PYR-1 No (The Pyramidion) Io, Pyramidion Vex Ghost: "I'm detecting gigs and gigs of data running along that lightpath. I can't even begin to understand. And look at me! I'm pretty good at this stuff."
IO Pyramidion 1.PNG
IO-PYR-2 No (The Pyramidion) Io, Pyramidion Vex Ghost: "The Vex calibrate their weapons depending on the tactics of their enemies. Not sure where they got the idea about lasers, but... You can't say it's not effective."
IO Pyramidion 2.PNG
IO-PYR-3 No (The Pyramidion) Io, Pyramidion Vex Ghost: "This is going to sound like Asher's mumbo-jumbo, but I swear this is real: This thing's emitting x-wave pulses. It shouldn't be able to do that..."

Tower, the Last City, Earth[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Patrol Accessible Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
TW-CRT-1 Yes Tower, Courtyard The Last City Ghost: "Blueprints for a bunch of modular housing, bridges, some simple shopfronts... I think these are reconstruction plans for City blocks. As bad as the Tower had it, some parts of the City are just... Gone."
TW-C-2 Yes Tower, Courtyard Speaker Ghost: "They rebuilt the Speaker's private quarters even after the reconstruction. I still can't believe that he's gone. He wasn't the first Speaker, and... He can't be the last, right? We still need a Speaker. Don't we?"
Tower Courtyard 2.PNG
TW-C-3 Yes Tower, Courtyard Banshee-44 Ghost: "The last login on this terminal was by Banshee-44, but... He tried and failed so many logins as Banshee-41 that it locked him out. All those reboots must have finally gotten to him."
Tower Courtyard 3.PNG
TW-C-4 Yes Tower, Courtyard The Last City Ghost: "Maintenance logs from a systems engineer. She talks about having to do tasks for two people now that her mechanic buddy is gone. Everybody lost someone when the Cabal attacked us."
Tower courtyard 4.PNG
TW-C-5 Yes Tower, Courtyard Hawthorne Ghost: "Hawthorne told me she comes up here to read sometimes. She's studying up. Vanguard history, the Consensus, the Faction Wars, even books about the founding of the City! Huh... I wonder where Louis goes while she's here."
Tower courtyard 5.PNG
TW-C-6 Yes Tower, Courtyard New Monarchy Ghost: "I think someone stole these supplies from New Monarchy! Reference in the logs to 'following Hawthorne's lead'. I wonder what that means."
Tower courtyard 6.PNG
TW-C-7 Yes Tower, Courtyard Amanda Holliday Ghost: "All this stuff belongs to Amanda Holliday. I think I heard her mention this place once: Her 'secret hideaway to get away from all that nonsense in the Hangar'. Let's not tell anyone about it."
Tower Courtyard 7.PNG
TW-C-8 Yes Tower, Courtyard The Last City Ghost: "I've heard from other Ghosts that there are a lot of spots like this popping up. Secret places where people go just to sit and talk. About the attack, about the Traveler, about the future. Who knows what tomorrow holds?"
Tower Courtyard 8.PNG
TW-H-1 Yes Tower, Hangar Dead Orbit Ghost: "This terminal looks like it's in use as a forum for Dead Orbit folks. About what you'd expect: Lots of pictures of people wearing black, and nihilistic poetry."
TW-H-2 Yes Tower, Hangar Redjacks Ghost: "Someone's been trying to modify one of Shaxx's Redjacks! But all the interface history shows is access by other frames. 'Arcite and Dahlia', it says. Over and over. 'Arcite and Dahlia'."
Tower Hangar 2.PNG
TW-H-3 Yes Tower, Hangar Ana Bray Ghost: "Looks like a journal: Ana Bray. But I can't tell who - Pretty much the entire thing is redacted. And there are whole pages missing. Something about all this seems... Wrong. Am I worrying too much?"
Tower Hangar 3.PNG
TW-H-4 Yes Tower, Hangar Zavala Ghost: "Huh. Communications between Amanda Holliday and Commander Zavala. Back and forth and back and forth for weeks, keeping track on shady characters in the Hangar. Nothing gets past Zavala."
Tower Hangar 4.png
TW-H-5 Yes Tower, Hangar Dead Orbit Ghost: "This is weird. Was someone... spying on Arach Jalaal? Some of the papers are signed 'Arach' but it's not Jalaal's handwriting. I don't think I'll ever understand faction politics."
TW-H-6 Yes Tower, Hangar Osiris Ghost: "These crates are completely full of Vanguard history books. There are over thirty just focused on Osiris. He wasn't even the Warlock Vanguard for that long before Ikora, but it sure was a busy time."
Tower Hangar 6.PNG
TW-H-7 Yes Tower, Hangar Future War Cult Ghost: "I think that someone from the Future War Cult is hoarding a secret stash of tech here. I'm, um... Not trying to be vague. I have no idea what half this stuff does. Lakshmi sure does love her secrets."
Tower Hangar 7.PNG
TW-H-8 Yes Tower, Hangar Amanda Holliday Ghost: "'Fly Girl: The Story of Amanda Holliday.' Is this... Someone is writing a biography? I'd keep it out of her sight, too, if I were them. Hmm, this chapter talks about how she was born on the road outside the City, how she lost her family to the Fallen... I didn't even know some of this stuff."
Tower Hangar 8.PNG
TW-B-1 Yes Tower, Bazaar Banshee-44 Ghost: "I think this is where Banshee used to set up. You know that number after his name isn't for show, right? Amanda told me he really has been rebooted 44 times. How can he remember anything at this point?"
Tower bzaar 1.PNG
TW-B-2 Yes Tower, Bazaar Traveler Ghost: "Things seem like they're back to normal around here. It's like nothing's changed. But with the Traveler AWAKE now, that can't be true. Things are going to get better... Right?"
Tower bazaar 2.PNG
TW-B-3 Yes Tower, Bazaar Multiple Ghost: "Look at all these inventory notes. Looks like everyone is trying to get the Tower's market back on track. Tess, Banshee, Rahool, Eva Levante... They're all working together on this stuff."
Tower bazaar 3.PNG
TW-B-4 Yes Tower, Bazaar Ikora Rey Ghost: "If I'm reading this right, Ikora is pushing hard for civilians to have easier access to the Tower. It's nice to see... You know... People up and around here."
Tower bazaar 4.PNG
TW-B-5 Yes Tower, Bazaar New Monarchy Ghost: "Hmm. With everyone embracing Hawthorne's 'power to the people' message, maybe they don't have as much patience for factions like New Monarchy."
Tower Bazaar 5.PNG
TW-B-6 Yes Tower, Bazaar Eris Morn Ghost: "I think this used to be a terminal used by Eris Morn. Lots of notes in here about the Hive; their prince, Crota; The Taken King, Oryx. (sigh) I wonder where she went off to?"
Tower Bazaar 6.1.png
TW-B-7 Yes Tower, Bazaar Eva Levante Ghost: "I keep expecting to show up in the Bazaar and see Eva Levante here. This spot's right around where she used to set up shop. I haven't heard much about her since we reclaimed our home, other than that she survived. No one's heard from her in a while, though."
Tower bazaar 7.PNG

Faction Rallies[edit]

Reference Title (unofficial) Patrol Accessible Location Principal entities Transcript Picture of Scannable
SPECIAL-1 Yes Nessus, random Lost Sector (Faction Rally only) Multiple \

Arach Jalaal: "This enigma troubles me. If it is valuable it will draw enemies and sow dissent. We will study it closely."

Executor Hideo: "What an intriguing mystery. We shall treat your find with reverence, Guardian."

Lakshmi-2: "A fragment of our past, touched by the Traveler in the present... I see beautiful futures spiralling out of this."

SPECIAL 1 Dead Orbit.PNG
SPECIAL-2 Yes Io, random Lost Sector (Faction Rally only) Multiple \

Arach Jalaal: "Perhaps this strange material will be useful to us as we refit our ships. It has promise."

Executor Hideo: "In the old days, kings were made by such discoveries. Swords in stones, and all that. New Monarchy will use this carefully."

Lakshmi-2: "We predicted an object of great worth in the wilderness. Likewise, we predicted that you would find it. And here you are."

SPECIAL 2 Dead Orbit.PNG
SPECIAL-3 Yes European Dead Zone, random Lost Sector (Faction Rally only) Multiple \

Arach Jalaal: "An intriguing find. Ordinarily I am not interested in the flotsam of our past, but this - this points to a future."

Executor Hideo: "This must be what happens when ancient tech meets terraforming processes. New Monarchy thanks you for the specimen."

Lakshmi-2: "What you have found lies at the intersection of multiple timelines. It should let us explore uncalculable probabilities. Well done."

SPECIAL 3 Dead Orbit.PNG
SPECIAL-4 Yes Titan (moon), random Lost Sector (Faction Rally only) Multiple \

Arach Jalaal: "See how the Traveler crushes and breaks everything it touches. This is valuable evidence that we are not safe here."

Executor Hideo: "A fragment of the Golden Age, transformed by the Traveler's energies? This has great potential. We will investigate."

Lakshmi-2: "Ah yes, this will do nicely. It seems the Traveler's awakening has brought mysteries to the surface."