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Arcite 99-40
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Crucible Quartermaster


"No discounts, big shot."
— Arcite 99-40[1]

Arcite 99-40 is the Crucible Quartermaster, located in the Tower. He is responsible for selling Crucible Weapons and Sparrows to Guardians. He also offers Guardians weekly Crucible Bounties.


The last of Lord Shaxx's personal combat frames, Arcite's combat systems were removed and replaced with the Tower's vendor protocols when Shaxx began overseeing the Crucible, but his memory banks still remember the many battles he has fought.[1] Shaxx once sent Arcite to deal with members of Tex Mechanica who wanted to fix Crucible results for a profit. During the exchange where he rebuffed them on Shaxx's behalf, he showed he has adopted many of Shaxx's mannerisms, as indicated by his accent and his propensity for repeating what Shaxx says.[2]

After the fall of the Last City to the Cabal, Arcite and Lord Shaxx relocated to The Farm along with many other survivors. There Arcite served as a gunsmith for the resistance.

During the battle to retake the Last City from the Cabal, Arcite accompanied Lord Shaxx's team. As they rushed to join Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Cayde-6's fireteams, they were cut off by a Cabal barrier field.[3]

With the City reclaimed, Arcite resumes his duties assisting Shaxx in managing the Crucible from the new Tower. He and Dahlia 99-40 also attempt to modify one of Shaxx's Redjacks for an unknown purpose.[4]


  • "You want the Crucible? Shaxx is the Crucible."
  • "Yee-e-ess?"
  • "Get back out there."
  • "Transaction failed. Transaction failed. Transaction complete."
  • "Twilight Gap overbooked, shuttle back or wait."
  • "Cayde wants to talk. Doesn't sound happy."
  • "Get it together, Arcite. Nothing to shoot here."


  • Arcite has horns installed on his head similar to his owner, Lord Shaxx.
    • He similarly shares Shaxx's fists-on-hips pose.


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