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Himura Shinobu
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"I don't know how to write this. I died. Well, Shinobu died. This is hard. But she—I?—she must have kept this journal for a reason. So here goes."
— Himura Shinobu[2]

Himura Shinobu was a citizen of Coyote who died and became a Guardian on the same day. As a Guardian, she became famous as a member of the Six Coyotes, who were the first to scout beyond the walls of the Cosmodrome.


Shinobu lived in the village of Coyote, which was under threat from the Fallen House of Kings. The village eventually came into contact with two Hunters named Micah-10 and Conar, who decided to help save the town. Micah-10 recruited three more Hunters - Nadiya, Therin Vai and Lee-4, but Shinobu thought that the three new arrivals did not look happy to be there and suspected they were being paid. She questioned Micah-10 if the five Guardians would be enough to save them, but was unconvinced by Micah-10's speech about how Guardians were meant to protect people no matter the circumstances, suspecting that the Guardians knew they could not save the town. She learned from Conar that the Fallen had set up camp in the tunnels near the town and that anyone trying to leave would have a better chance on the open roads. Shinobu considered abandoning the town and trying to make it on her own, suspecting that she could get at least ten kilometers before being killed.[3]

Shinobu grew close to Nadiya while the Hunters were at Coyote, and the two of them decided to leave the town before the Fallen attacked, having become convinced that it was doomed and not wanting to die with it. However, Shinobu was killed before they could leave, but a Ghost found her body and brought her back as a Guardian almost immediately. Nadiya attempted to help Shinobu, who no longer had any memories of her past life, adjust to the situation and explained that she did not have to keep her old name, but Shinobu was uncertain she wanted to change it. Shinobu found her previous life's diary and began reading it before adding in her own entry about her death and resurrection.[2]

At some point, Shinobu and Nadiya encountered an Ahamkara, who fulfilled Shinobu's wish to speak to her mother and talk about her childhood. The Ahamkara took on the appearance of Shinobu's mother, and Shinobu spoke to it for some time before allowing Nadiya to kill it.

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