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Lee-4 is a Hunter and Guardian of The Last City. She was a member of the infamous Six Coyotes, a group of Hunters who explored the Cosmodrome.


"Why are you here?"
"Old debts."
"To Micah?"
— Himura Shinobu questioning why Lee-4 was defending Coyote

Lee-4 was recruited by Micah-10 and Conar to defend the small village of Coyote in Old Russia from Fallen raiders alongside Therin Vai and Nadiya.[1] A young woman from the village, Himura Shinobu, escorted the three newly arrived Hunters around the tallwalk of the village to give them a view of the surrounding area. Lee listened quietly and exasperatedly as Therin boasted to Shinobu about he would be the one who discovered the whereabouts of the legendary Warmind Rasputin. She became annoyed when Nadiya and Therin mentioned they were being paid to be there, elbowing Therin in the ribs to stop talking and admonished him for his statement. Shinobu questioned why Lee was there and she stated she was paying old debts, but not to Micah. As Nadiya stated she was there to get Micah owing a debt to her Lee spotted a Fallen figure in the distance watching the village. Quickly unslinging her sniper rifle so fast that she almost hit Nadiya in the head, Lee eliminated the scout and announced to the others that it was from the House of Kings.[2]

While the Hunters were defending Coyote, Shinobu was killed but brought back as a Guardian by a passing Ghost mere minutes later. The newly risen Hunter joined Lee and the four other Guardians as a fireteam, and the six Hunters became collectively known as the Six Coyotes. They acquired a jumpship which Therin named The Bandwagon,[3] and the Hunter posse became famous for being the first Guardians to scout beyond the Cosmodrome wall in Old Russia.[4]

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