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Therin Vai
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"Remember the name Therin Vai—it's the name of the Guardian who will find the lost Warmind Rasputin!"
— Therin

Therin Vai is a Guardian of The Last City. He joined the Hunter pack that came to be known as the Six Coyotes.


Traveling with the Pilgrim Guard[edit]

"The Dark Age was different times. Classes didn't exist back then."
— Therin

Therin was resurrected by his Ghost in a shipwreck during the Dark Ages and instantly knew what his name was upon his Ghost asking. After finding some basic equipment, including a cloak and knives, he began to travel through the desert. He lucked upon a camp of Risen known as the Pilgrim Guard. They welcomed him into their camp and provided food and stories of their exploits. Therin was pleased by his good fortune in finding friendly travelers and decided to join their group for the time being. He noticed that one of the Pilgrim Guard, a large woman named Orin, had blue skin like him. As the rest of the Risen went to sleep or stood watch, Therin sat by Orin and hesitated to ask his questions, but she began questioning him first by asking how long ago he had been resurrected. Unsure, he turned to his Ghost for the answer, and she noted it had been six days. She then asked his Ghost how long he had been dead, and Therin realized he had not even considered that question himself. His Ghost believed he had been dead for around a month and that he had been quite a mess when she found him. As Orin began to examine his clothes, Therin asked why she was interested, and she noted that she had not seen clothing like his before and guessed he came from a shipwreck. She explained that their people, the Awoken, came from somewhere else in the Solar System and she did not know why they left to Earth. He asked what she knew about them, and she admitted she did not know much but suggested that he not worry about it and instead focus on figuring out who he was, asking if he knew his name. Therin confidently told her it, and she nodded and repeated it, which made Therin feel like it was real and truly his. After a moment of quiet, he asked if Orin thought he might be able to stay with them, and she reassured him that he could stay as long as he wished.[1]

The Six Coyotes[edit]

"Because a group of coyotes is a band!"
"I refuse to call it that.
— Therin attempting to name the Six Coyotes jumpship The Bandwagon over Nadiya's protests

An unknown number of years later, Therin had become an experienced Hunter and found The Last City. Becoming a Guardian, Therin befriended a number of other Hunters. Two of his friends, Micah-10 and Conar, contacted him, Lee-4, and Nadiya to join them in defending the town of Coyote from the Fallen.[2] Travelling to the small settlement, Therin and his comrades found themselves being questioned by Himura Shinobu, one of the town's residents, while she gave them a tour. Noticing her staring at his and Nadiya's blue skin, he laughed and asked if she had never seen someone so good looking before. She admitted she had never seen anyone with blue skin, so Therin explained what he could of the Awoken. When he mentioned that he remembered little because Guardians were revived without their memories, Shinobu asked how they knew their names. Therin explained Exos remembered only that, but that Humans and Awoken recalled nothing and had to pick their own. He claimed to have picked his because it sounded awesome and boasted that everyone would remember it once he discovered the secrets of the lost Warmind Rasputin, and began talking incessantly of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Therin was unaware he was annoying Lee-4 and Shinobu, who tried to change the topic by asking Nadiya why she had picked her name, but the other Awoken Hunter claimed that Micah was not paying her to talk with the locals. Therin jokingly asked if she was getting paid, earning him an elbow from Lee and a rebuke to remember why they were at Coyote. A few moments later, Lee suddenly unslung her sniper rifle and fired, and they all watched a shape on the horizon fall. Therin questioned if it was Fallen, and Lee confirmed that they were from the House of Kings.[3]

While the Hunters were defending Coyote, Shinobu was killed but brought back as a Guardian by a passing Ghost mere minutes later. The newly risen Hunter joined Therin and the four other Guardians as a fireteam, and the six Hunters became collectively known as the Six Coyotes. Therin named their jumpship The Bandwagon,[2] and the Hunter posse became famous for being the first Guardians to scout beyond the Cosmodrome wall in Old Russia.[4]

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