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Nadiya was a Awoken Hunter and a member of the Six Coyotes.



Nadiya and two other Hunters, Therin Vai and Lee-4, were hired by Micah-10 and Conar to help defend a town named Coyote from a band of Fallen.[1] While in the town, she became convinced that it was doomed. Nadiya also befriended Himura Shinobu, a villager who wanted to escape before the Fallen attacked. The two planned to flee together, but Shinobu died before they could leave. However, a Ghost appeared and revived Shinobu as a Guardian. Nadiya helped her adjust to her new status and lack of memories, explaining that she did not have to keep her old name, as most Guardians had no knowledge of their prior lives.[2]

After the events at Coyote, Nadiya, Shinobu, and the other four Hunters formed the Six Coyotes. They acquired a Minerva-class Jumpship that Vai named The Bandwagon over Nadiya's objections.[1]

Tea with a Wish-Dragon[edit]

"It would lie because it's fulfilling your wish, Nobu."
— Nadiya to Shinobu about the Ahamkara's motivations

Nadiya and Shinobu eventually encountered a Ahamkara, which granted a wish by Shinobu to shapeshift into her mother and learn about her past. The three sat at a table drinking tea, with Nadiya calmly watching as the Ahamkara discussed events from Shinobu's childhood. After Shinobu questioned if the creature was lying and it mentioned her deceased brother, Nadiya told her friend that the serpent would lie because that would be fulfilling her wish. After a moment of contemplation, Shinobu gave Nadiya a signal to attack, and she quickly pulled out a Pulse rifle and fired repeatedly to cut the Ahamkara down.[3]

Cayde's Six[edit]

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