The Anomaly

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The Anomaly
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Mayhem Clash
Zone Control
Mayhem Rumble (Fromerly)


"A Titan once tried to punch the Anomaly until it opened."
"What happened?"
"Nothing. But one day later—TO THE SECOND—a WarSat fell on her head. Boom. Direct hit. B-line from low orbit to her skull. Coincidence? Maybe."
"She okay?"
"Yeah. But she never punched that Anomaly again.
Warlock and Hunter[1]

The Anomaly is a Crucible map located in the Mare Cognitum region on the Moon.[2]


In the distance, brief flashes of light from unknown sources can be seen across the surface of Luna. Lunar rovers are also present, but strangely no human remains are found. One of the rovers can also be seen stranded heading away from the facility in the distance.[3]

Grimoire description[edit]

"Our greatest enemy is the unknown."
— Grimoire blurb.

LOCATION: Mare Cognitum, Earth's Moon

Documents recovered on-site listed this research station only as "K1", although the location was hard to keep secret, given the intense electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from what City scholars have come to know as the Anomaly. Attempts to scan the Anomaly itself have proven futile, as the casing is constructed in a manner that defies modern techniques.

Reports suggest that those who spent time in proximity to the Anomaly reported symptoms of insomnia, some so severe they required hospitalization. It was the City's recommendation that only remote sensing equipment be used until such time that a full review of the existing data could be completed.

In the meantime, stewardship of the facility was handed over to the Guardians in order to maintain a watch against the Hive forces that will inevitably come in search of this mysterious power.


The main characteristic of map is the rotating center platform in the center of the map. Skilled and mobile players can navigate through the center and quickly reach any other location on the map. Due to the narrow hallways and sharp corners in the middle sections of the arena, Shotguns and Sidearms are highly effective. The middle has two main areas, Point B and the perch. Point B is out in the open, and is vulnerable from fire from the perch across the map, while the perch has more coverage and is a good vantage point to attack from. The outermost areas of the map are long stretches, with some cover and variable ceiling heights. These areas are more effective for firefights at a distance. Point A and Point C spawn on opposite sides of the outer areas, and Heavy Ammo spawns at both points. In Elimination, Heavy Ammo instead spawns up at Point B.


  • In the lore book Revelation, an artifact was discovered by the crew of K1 that could cause insomnia, nightmares, and hallucinations. The artifact from The Anomaly map would appear to be the same one mentioned in Revelation.
  • Originally Mayhem Rumble was available on the Anomaly, however it was removed from the rotation due to frequent crashes due to how many effects where happening in such a small area.



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