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Grimoire Skirmish.jpg
"Stick together, team!"
Lord Shaxx.

Skirmish is a Crucible match type.


Skirmish is a 3v3 Crucible game mode. It is a team deathmatch mode where the team with the most points wins. Players can revive one another if they are close enough, which grants an extra 50 points to that team. The key to winning is keeping teammates alive and in the fight while preventing the other team from completing revives.


Team play is important, and with revives being part of the gametype staying together is recommended. The smaller team size means less map presence is allowable, and spreading out is not recommended. Flanking is high risk high reward however, as since their are so few players, one player managing to out position the other team can give their teammates an opening to push in. While reviving is important, it's not worth dying over, and novice players will rush into for a revive, getting themselves and their revived teammate killed. Supers should not be used all together, as spacing them out on different engagements is better for long term success over winning a single engagement.

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