The Drifter (map)

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This article is about the Crucible map. For the Gambit host, see The Drifter (character).
The Drifter
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Map overview


The Taken King expansion




"We need to clear the ship of enemy combatants."
"How do we know they're dead?"
"Just kill 'em till they stop moving. With the Hive, dead has always been a relative term.
Warlock and Titan[1]

The Drifter is a Crucible map located in Foundling's Gyre in the Reef.[2]


According to insignia and banners around the Pilot Servitor, this Ketch might have belonged to the House of Winter. Looking through a breach in the port side bay, large and heavily damaged spacecraft—presumably Golden Age in origin—can be seen drifting alongside the vessel. No other spacecraft are seen in vicinity, yet given that both craft were abandoned in their present orbit and lack of interest by the Reef, they have yet to be reclaimed or disapproved for use as Crucible arenas.[3]

Grimoire description[edit]

LOCATION: Foundling's Gyre, The Reef

Hive incursions in Reef space are rare, but as with all wounds the Hive inflict, their effects linger.

"The Drifter" is a Ketch that faced an infraction. The attack rendered its Servitor inoperable, overwhelming all self-repair subroutines, and so what remains has quietly been added to the graveyard encircling the Reef.

Lord Shaxx decreed live combat within the layout of such a prominent Fallen ship design would be invaluable, and the Crucible claimed it soon after with no word of disapproval from the shattered Reef.


Due to the Drifter's small and enclosed design, close range weapons such as Fusion Rifles and Shotguns are favored, however long range weapons such as Hand Cannons and Sniper Rifles can be useful in the center room of the map where the Pilot Servitor is located. Supers such as Fist of Havoc, Shadowshot, and Sunsinger can easily close off valuable pathways to coral enemies to be killed or prevent them from reaching important places such as where the Heavy Ammo spawns or exits from choke points, meanwhile supers like Golden Gun, Nova Bomb, and Hammer of Sol can win important fights in the open areas due to their oppressive ranged abilities.



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