Sector 618

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Sector 618
Grimoire Sector 618.jpg
Map overview


The Taken King expansion



Gameplay overview
"Almost every Redjack dies on the field anyway. What’s the point?"
"The data’s for posterity. Newer frames will be better."
"Sure, but any data-share hiccups and you’re just wasting time.
— Two technicians[1]

Sector 618 is a Crucible map located in the Cosmodrome on Earth.[2]

Grimoire Description[edit]

LOCATION: Cosmodrome Wall, Earth

Sector 618 is a recently-established Crucible arena mired in a ruin of the Cosmodrome. Secured by Shaxx and a Redjack fireteam, the space has been converted into an obstacle course for the Guardians, adding balance and navigational challenges to the live-fire proceedings.

But the firefights of the Crucible aren’t the first that the facility has seen. The battles that shook the walls of Sector 618 belie the simple name, taken from its designation on the Vanguard atlas. It was chosen as an arena because the look of the place reminded Lord Shaxx of the spirit of war. Only Rasputin, who was operational during its height, could have witnessed what transpired here long ago. But the Warmind remains silent about a great many things.


  • The House of Devils once had a stronghold in the map as their Banners can be seen throughout.
  • Periodically, Shanks can be seen in the distance, flying across the wall's open interior.


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