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The Taken King expansion




"It's odd; this place, of all the places we fight, is the one that sticks in my head as I'm trying to focus on the match. Fallen dens and Hive dungeons and old-world ghost towns... all reminders of why and what we're fighting. But these Vex structures? Not reminders, but warnings that say, "You think you know a thing or two about technology and science and the universe? You don't know a thing. Maybe they're right."

Crossroads is a Crucible map located in the Lost Oasis on Mars.[2]


Petrified growth flora seen alongside Vex ruins points to them being present during a lush period of Mars' history, possibly from another Mars entirely. The immediate surroundings and lifeforms near the ruins are possibly from the distant past or future if the ruins were not present during terraforming by the Traveler. If they were present during the Golden Age there is no record of it.

The twin "man cannons" launching Guardians from one end of the map to the other seem to be incomplete, or even specialized, Vex gates missing half of their structure unlike dedicated lifts such as the one in the Venus Citadel. Perhaps the acceleration these gates impart upon entering objects provides insight into the function of other complete gates.[3]

Grimoire description[edit]

LOCATION: The Lost Oasis, Mars

An active Vex structure on Mars with no Cabal vying to occupy or destroy it is rare. Even rarer is such a facility abandoned by the Vex themselves.

Detailed analysis of the site estimates three separate ecosystems that the landscape could support, if the area had any wildlife to benefit from it. A Hidden report to Ikora mentioned, "They clove this ruin out of the land, possibly to defend themselves from a long-vanished enemy, or perhaps to isolate the land for experimentation."


  • The Vex structure in the background of the map appears to be a Vex Pyramidion, a structure utilized by the Vex to transform planets into a Vex Machine World.
  • Lost Oasis shares its name with the region on Io available in Patrol in Destiny 2. The two locations bear a resemblance to each other, including the Pyramidion structure on the horizon being identical for both areas.


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