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Destiny Tidbits
Favorite Destiny momentDay I got my Vex Mythoclast
Worst Destiny momentDay I got kicked for a loud family.
Anything elseI loves raids.Big fan of Vex and their technology,origins,arsenal,strongholds,programming collectives,and Axis Minds
Other Information
MoviesFairy Tail:Dragon Cry,Date a live Mayuri Judgement
TVGuilty Crown,Bleach,My Hero Academia,B the beginning,Chivalry of a failed knight,Fairy Tail,etc.
MusicYou reposted in the wrong neighborhood

Hello World by Bump of Chicken Ranbu no Melody

Video gamesDestiny,Destiny 2,Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 & 2,Warframe,Persona 3 fes,4 (Golden),& 5
DrinksChocolate Milkshake & Mountain Dew
Edits 23
Personal Information
BirthdayMay 14th
About meI use the forums:Fan Fiction area to empty "some" ideas out of my head.

I hope I don't get banned from creating a lot of forum:Fan Fiction pages,I don't use them to get points,I use them for what I just listed

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advanced to level Reaver Dreg
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