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"They've done more good than harm. By most calculations."
Grimoire description
Grimoire card for the three main City factions.

Factions are groups that Guardians can join and earn Reputation with. Most factions are based within the Last City, but some are found elsewhere, such as the Reef. Completing activities for a faction allows Guardians to increase their rank with them and earn rewards. On the other hand, there are some factions that cannot be joined because they have no Reputation stat, and furthermore, the enemy races have their own factions dedicated to their own goals.

Consensus Factions[edit]

These three factions form the City's government, the Consensus, and seek champions among the Guardians to represent them in the Crucible. Guardians may pledge themselves to a faction for a fee of 2500 Glimmer to support it and earn faction-specific rewards, such as Weapons, Armor, Emblems, and Shaders. Guardians can only change their allegiance once per week, and must pay the fee each time. Players continue to earn Vanguard or Crucible Reputation in addition to Reputation with their faction.

If players earn Level 25 Reputation with a Faction, they'll unlock a Faction quest that rewards an Exotic Class item that increases Reputation gains with that Faction.

Dead Orbit Future War Cult New Monarchy
Dead Orbit Grimoire.jpg Future War Cult Grimoire.jpg New Monarchy Grimoire.jpg
Tower Rep
Arach Jalaal
Tower Rep
Tower Rep
Executor Hideo
"The Traveler is not our only salvation. Another future lies out among the light of other stars."
Dead Orbit is a survivalist faction that believes humanity's future lies not on Earth with the Traveler, but in a great diaspora throughout the universe. They hope that by colonizing as many worlds beyond the Solar System as possible, humanity will become too innumerable for another disaster like the Collapse to break it or an enemy like the Darkness to extinguish it. Dead Orbit members are currently assembling a fleet of starships to begin their interstellar journey.
"There is no future but now. No truth but war."
Future War Cult is a fatalist faction that believes conflict is the quintessential nature of the universe and the inescapable end-state of most, if not all possible realities. Known for their martial prowess as much as their secrecy and eccentricity, Cultists assert that another confrontation with the Darkness, the "coming war", is inevitable whether humanity makes its stand on Earth or attempts to flee elsewhere. In their opinion, preparing for that confrontation should be the sole, driving purpose of the Last City and the Guardians.
"Hope will be born from the collective triumphs of the king in us all."
New Monarchy is a monarchist faction that believes humanity should strive to restore the lost glory and order of the Golden Age, and that the ideal way to achieve that is by uniting the Last City under a single, benevolent ruler invested with absolute authority. New Monarchists view the Consensus as a tenuous compromise that impedes the path to true progress. They patiently await the day when the Consensus voluntarily abolishes itself and a monarch is chosen by acclamation.

Faction Rallies[edit]

In Destiny 2, the factions return to compete against one another in the Faction Rallies event, where one of the factions is declared the winner by receiving the most support from players across all available activities.

Guardian Factions[edit]

These factions give Reputation to Guardians by default.

  • Vanguard—the default faction for all Guardians. The Vanguard advise Guardians on missions and see to the City's defense. Guardians earn Reputation with the Vanguard by completing Patrol missions, Story Missions, Strikes, and Vanguard Bounties.
  • Crucible—the City's competitive arena. Guardians earn Reputation by competing and completing Crucible bounties, and Lord Shaxx's weekly bounties.
  • Iron Banner—a special tournament in the Crucible. Guardians earn Reputation by winning matches and completing Iron Banner bounties. Formerly hosted by Lady Efrideet and currently overseen by Lord Saladin.
  • Cryptarch—any Guardian who brings engrams for decoding are rewarded for their discoveries.
  • Gunsmith—field test weapons for the Tower's gunsmith, and he'll reward you with a special delivery with one of the City's Weapon Foundries.
  • Sparrow Racing League—complete and win Sparrow races to increase SRL Event Standing and earn better rewards. The Tower Shipwright hosts the event.

Quest Factions[edit]

These individuals seek the help of Guardians for their own agendas.

Other Factions[edit]

These factions are named, but cannot be joined by Guardians to date.

  • Cult of Osiris—a cult dedicated to the teachings of Osiris. Players can interact with its representative, Brother Vance, but cannot earn Reputation with them.
  • Symmetry—a minor faction that was founded on the teachings of Ulan-Tan. Barred from the Consensus for being too dangerous.
  • Concordat—a former Consensus member, ejected after its founder, Lysander, was exiled.

Enemy Factions[edit]

  • Scorn—a rogue faction of Fallen pirates that broke out from the Prison of Elders following the Red War and were transformed into a new race.

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