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Guardians in Faction Rally gear

Faction Rallies are a week-long community activity introduced in Destiny 2.[1]


During a Faction Rally, players can pledge themselves to one of the Last City's three Consensus factions: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy. This pledge lasts for the duration of the event and cannot be changed until the next Rally occurs.

The objective is collect as many faction tokens as possible during the event by participating in various activities, including Strikes, Crucible matches, Raids, Public Events, destroying supply crates in Lost Sectors, and completing the faction's daily milestone. These tokens can be exchanged with the faction representatives Arach Jalaal, Lakshmi-2, and Executor Hideo in the Tower to acquire faction-themed gear. When the Rally ends, the faction that amassed the most tokens across all of its pledged players is declared the winner.

To entice players to their side, each faction showcases one exclusive Legendary weapon as a reward, but only the winning faction of the Rally will sell their weapon. Those who pledged to that faction can purchase the weapon for 1,000 Glimmer, while those who pledged to the other factions will have to pay 50,000 Glimmer if they wish to own it.[1]

Event-only changes[edit]

Tower vendors[edit]

Arach Jalaal, Lakshimi-2, and Executor Hideo serve as the representatives and vendors for each faction. During the week of the Rally, they allow players to pledge to their faction and offer exclusive gear in exchange for tokens. When the Rally ends, the representative of the winning faction will sell the reward weapon for one week afterwards. All representatives will also continue to accept any unredeemed tokens for that week; if tokens are not redeemed before the next weekly reset, they will be removed from the player's inventory without compensation.

Lost Sector supply crates[edit]

For the duration of a rally, between one and four destructible, explosive supply crates will also appear in Lost Sectors across the Solar System. Destroying these crates grants one faction token apiece.

Supply retrieval event[edit]

For the duration of the Rally, Patrol spaces feature an additional Public Event-like activity; this event does not contribute to the Flashpoint milestone or count as a Public Event completion. The Red Legion or House of Dusk will drop four supply crates which will be guarded by standard troops and Retrieval Specialist Incendiors or Stealth Tracker Marauders. Capture each crate to earn a faction token. Once three out of four crates are captured, a Quartermaster Colossus or Vendetta Shank Heavy Shank will arrive to defend the fourth crate. After all crates are captured, a loot chest will appear with Public Event-level rewards.


  • Currently, New Monarchy possesses the longest Faction Rally streak.
  • Future War Cult has only won one Faction Rally since the release of Faction Rallies.


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