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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Osiris seeks the strongest Guardians to stem the tide of the Darkness.
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Brother Vance is a blind disciple and representative of the Cult of Osiris. When the Wolf Rebellion began, Vance travelled to the Vestian Outpost in the Reef and attempted to recruit the strongest Guardians for the Trials of Osiris, offering entry and rewards to the event. After leaving the Reef, Vance led The Lighthouse, a Cult outpost on Mercury located near the entrance to the Infinite Forest. He has written multiple books on Osiris and spends much time reading the portents and watching for Osiris’ prophecies to come true. Ikora Rey derisively called Vance “Osiris’ greatest fan.” The de facto leader of the cult, Brother Vance, admits to having never met Osiris, and expresses intense jealousy that the Guardian met with him in the Infinite Forest.


Chronicler of Osiris[edit]

"To be a Guardian! How I longed for it. After a near-death experience in which I lost my eyesight, I even believed that I had become a Guardian, that the great Osiris had granted me my dearest wish. How young and foolish I was!"
— Vance, lamenting on his past delusions

As a young follower of Osiris, Vance rejected the teachings of the Speaker and instead believed in the exiled Warlock's views on the Traveler. He wished to be a Guardian so that he could follow in his hero's footsteps and chronicled the life of Osiris in several books. However, he ended up in a accident that cost him his eyesight and nearly his life. This traumatic experience led to Vance believing that somehow Osiris had granted his wish to become a Guardian,[1] and he claimed in his delusion to be an old Warlock like Osiris.[2] Among his texts that he wrote was "The Definitive History of Osiris", in which he claimed that the Speaker created the Consensus to provide the illusion of democracy to the Last City in the aftermath of the Iron Lords death.[3]

Recruiting at the Vestian Outpost[edit]

"The purpose of the Trials is to hone the right weapon for the right moment."
— Vance, to the Guardian

When the Wolf Rebellion began in the Reef, Vance was contacted by Sister Faora, who noted that the Last City would likely never allow the Trials of Osiris to take place there despite the progress Lord Shaxx had made with the Crucible. She instead suggested to Vance that he travel to the Reef and attempt to set up the Trials there, as the Guardians were being allowed within select sections of the Reef due to the Rebellion. This would also allow Vance to gain an audience with Queen Mara Sov, who was an ally of Osiris, and that hopefully the Vanguard would not look for a reason beyond the Trials to explain why the Cult of Osiris was there.[4] Vance was allowed access to the Vestian Outpost by the Queen and he set up a shrine in the outpost in the hopes of attracting Guardians into competing in the Trials of Osiris. While there he met a Guardian and was astounded by how the Light shined around them, and noted that he now understood why Osiris was interested in them.[5] Vance had a meeting with Mara at some point during his stay at the Vestian Outpost where she told Vance a secret that he believed he was destined to tell Osiris.[6]

The Return of Osiris[edit]

Combating the Infinite Mind[edit]

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After the defeat of Panoptes and the reunion between Osiris and Ikora, Vance was visited by the Young Wolf. He was aghast that Osiris had returned to the Infinite Forest and the Guardian had not brought him to meet Vance, demanding to know how many books they had written about the Warlock and why they deserved to meet him. Setting aside his jealousy, Vance decided to continue recording the ongoing events on Mercury. He revealed that he had seen new portents of Vex activity within the Infinite Forest and requested the Young Wolf investigate. Vance hoped that Osiris would be pleased by this and that he might visit Vance as thanks.[7]

Search for Saint-14[edit]

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Trials Rewards[edit]

  • Stone Tier—2 wins per passage (100 glimmer)
  • Bronze Tier—3 wins per passage (100 glimmer)
  • Armor Piece—5 wins per passage (500 glimmer)
  • Silver Tier—6 wins per passage (100 glimmer)
  • Weapon—7 wins per passage (500 glimmer)
  • Gold Tier—8 wins per passage (100 glimmer)

Trials Supplies[edit]


  • "I may be blind, Guardian, but I know you are there."
  • "I lost my sight long ago but there are other senses".[8]
  • "Do what the Queen asks. This is all part of the pattern."
  • "You know why I'm here, and you know what I offer."
  • "My master always had... an understanding with the Queen."
  • "Ask yourself, what would you do if it was proven the Speaker was a charlatan?"
  • "The candles are for focus. Don't let them distract you."
  • "Does Osiris live? I assure you, he lives through me."
  • "If you seek Osiris, you must begin with the Trials."
  • "If you're looking for me, you've found me."
  • "Don't worry about the candles. They center me."
  • "Yes. I am what you think I am."
  • "If you think you're ready, then you're ready."
  • "I was once a Guardian, like yourself, but now I am on a different path."
  • "I can't tell you where Osiris has gone. It isn't time for you to know."
  • "My regards to Cayde, Hunter."
  • "My regards to Commander Zavala, Titan."
  • "My regards to Ikora, Warlock."
  • "I sacrificed my sight in the Trials, and it wasn't enough."
  • "I think of myself as a hunter too. In a way."
  • "Osiris stood before the Nine on the ice fields of Europa, but the time wasn't right."
  • "C'mon, let's get a sense of your might."
  • "Excuse me, I was just meditating."
  • "I came here because we have business of our own with the Queen. Nothing to do with Wolves, but plenty to do with Skolas."
  • "Tell me, Guardian, do you think you're ready for the Trials?"
  • "Osiris fought at the battle of Six Fronts, it's said he seemed to be everywhere at once that day."
  • "They say the Nine released Skolas, no doubt they had their reasons. But it brought you here and they may yet regret that."
  • "If it's not time, it's not time."
  • "Breath."
  • "The Queen and Osiris, I believe they conspire. Have you heard the name Oryx, Guardian?"
  • "In your own time."
  • "He trusts Ikora, he knows her Hidden too well."
  • "There are a few of us 'followers of Osiris'. We... move around a lot."
  • "No rush."
  • "Oryx, this name, do you know it? They want this Oryx here, out of the darkness."
  • "I began as a Guardian, I left to follow a different path. Perhaps you will too one day."
  • "It all has to come together, but what if we miss."
  • "When you're ready."
  • "He says the Nine are vulnerable every moment they touch our world."
  • "Listen. Do you hear that?"
  • "If we miss our moment, if we're not ready, it won't come again"
  • "I was just reading his words. Osiris. Have you heard of him?"
  • "Are you the one who faced Crota?"
  • "What are the Warlocks focused on these days?"
  • "I was just meditating, Warlock. Would you like to join me?"
  • "I used to be a Warlock, now I follow a different path."
  • "No, you are not one of Ikora's Hidden, are you? I feel like we've met before."
  • "When you've been out of The City so long you start to talk to yourself, don't mind me."
  • "He is the one true Speaker, who knows that the Traveler will never speak again."
  • "I was talking to myself, you're not interrupting anything."
  • "It's a long time since I've been back at The Tower. Does the Speaker still speak of Osiris?"
  • "You are aware of the Hidden, yes? But you are not one of them. You do not wear the mark."
  • "Maybe you're the one. Why don't you show us."
  • "I was meditating, Titan. Join me if you'd like."
  • "I'm an old, blind Warlock far from home. Perhaps we can talk."
  • "What brings you out here so close to the Darkness. Can you feel it?"
  • "Titans know the value of stillness."
  • "Maybe you're the one we need, come forward."
  • "Good to meet you, Guardian. Have you heard of Osiris?"
  • "There's a deep, dark course ahead of us. The Wolves are just the beginning."
  • "They call me Vance. Nice to meet you. A guest on the Reef, like yourself."
  • "I follow Osiris, not the Speaker. Do you know his legend?"
  • "Is it coincidence that brings us together, do you think?"
  • "I see you have been to the darkness and back. Tell Eris I said hello."
  • "Is this where I should be?"
  • "I need to see the Queen again"
  • "Quiet. Still. Wait for them to come into alignment."
  • "It's hard to be your eyes out here, Master."
  • "Ah, here. If were not ready when the moment comes, if we miss by seconds. Darkness"
  • "Alas, Guardians will find us"
  • "The right weapon, honed in the Trials and ready at the right moment"
  • "What a strange place to find myself. What a strange time."
  • "Be still, be still. Let them come to you"
  • "Be still. Watch. No body. No weight. Be an eye"
  • "Why do wish for me to shadow this Uldren? Does he scare you?
  • "Who is this one who calls himself Arty?"
  • "Speak through me, Master. Let me help you find them"
  • "Why do you make me deal with this Shaxx, master? Is it a test?"
  • "None of them are ready for Mercury"
  • "I waited and waited and suddenly here they all are, you were right"
  • "The Wolves will test them, make them ready for the Trials"
  • "What does he say about the Nine?"
  • "Let's see. one, two, three, strike, step, strike, three, two, one."
  • "So many Guardians here, so few who have what it takes."
  • "Which technique? Guard, strike, guard, step, again"


Brother Vance in Destiny was mysterious and seemed to have a more complex motive however in Destiny 2 he was changed to act like the Adoring Fan from Oblivion. Why is unknown.


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